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How do you use an M.A. in Intercultural Studies?

Our alumni have served on 6 continents in a broad range of cross-cultural careers. Learn their stories below.

A Graduate's Journey

Stephan Bauman M.A. ’01, former of president/CEO of World Relief

Stephan Bauman M.A. ’01, former of president/CEO of World Relief, shares his story of how he came to Wheaton in order to better serve the communities in Africa. He is now executive director of Cornerstone Trust, a grant management firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has the opportunity to leverage his years of experience in relief and development towards serving the most vulnerable through philanthropy. 



Intercultural Studies Careers include:

  • Business professionals
  • Ministry/Pastoral leadership
  • Education
  • NGO and Mission work
  • Church-Planting
  • Ex-pat Ministry
  • Publishing Industry
  • Media and Film Industry


Alumni Careers 

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