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Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies
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Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies
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Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies

Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies

Why Pursue a Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies?

The Ph.D. in Biblical and Theological Studies is designed to train scholars who can serve the church worldwide as teachers, researchers, pastors, and leaders. The program aims at fostering faithfulness to the teaching of Scripture with a view towards strengthening and equipping the church in its mission.

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program each year
Ph.D. graduates serving in 14 countries
of Ph.D. students receive full tuition funding plus a research fellowship
Wheaton was an ideal place in which to prepare for a lifetime of scholarship and teaching. — Carmen Imes Ph.D., '16, Associate Professor in Old Testament at Prairie College
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Why Study Biblical and Theological Studies at Wheaton?

A full tuition scholarship, as well as a research fellowship, for each of the six students accepted per year will enable each student to devote himself or herself to advanced learning as a fully involved member of the academic community.

We work with a model of strong personal and academic relationships between our students and their doctoral mentors (supervisors) from the very start of their program right through their dissertation defense. Additional faculty are available to teach doctoral seminars, serve as resources, and act as secondary readers for dissertations.

Unlike most doctoral programs in North America that operate with a sequential, step-by-step model, our program is concurrent. Our students work on their dissertation proposals during their first semester, while doing seminars, honing their modern language skills, completing required readings for breadth and depth of knowledge in their field, and engaging in fellowship work (typically supporting the research and teaching of a professor).

In a world of very super-specialized scholarship, we are intentional about bridging the scholarly gap between the Old and New Testaments, and especially between the disciplines of Biblical Studies and Theology. In today’s academy, these are often treated as separate, autonomous subjects, but our program is designed to hold them together. Our program is decidedly theological. We want our students to engage the whole canon of Scripture to discern its unified message for today.  Likewise, our program explores the scriptural roots of theology and the theological roots of Scripture.

This program will expose students to perspectives from other parts of the world through class discussions, the presence of visiting international scholars, and an academic community engaged in global issues.

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Biblical and Theological Studies women enjoying a day out in Chicago

BITH Grad Women's Fellowship

The BITH Grad Women’s Fellowship was started over a decade ago to provide a space for female graduate students in the department to meet together regularly throughout the year with female faculty, build relationships, provide support, and enjoy each other’s company. The group was started by Dr. Karen Jobes (Emeritus) and is led today by Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt. Food, fellowship, and prayer are the focus of our time together. If you are a female BITH student in an MA or Ph.D. program, please join us!

Faculty Books

faculty book M Daniel Carroll

Amos - The Prophet and His Oracles

A book by M. Daniel Carroll R. that provides a thorough and balanced overview of the history of Scholarship on the book of Amos.

faculty book by Marc Cortez

Christological Anthropology in History Perspective

Marc Cortez looks at the ways several key theologians have used Christology to inform their understanding of the human person.

faculty book by Douglas Moo

The Epistle to the Romans

Douglas Moo's work on the Epistle to the Romans is part of the New International Commentary on the New Testament.

faculty book by Richard L Schultz

Out of Context: How to Avoid Misinterpreting the Bible

Richard Schultz says that only 59% of Americans read the Bible at least occasionally, and an even smaller percentage go beyond merely reading the Bible and actually study it.

faculty book by Nicholas Perrin

Jesus the Priest

Following his critically acclaimed book Jesus the Temple, Nicholas Perrin offers a fresh paradigm for understanding the historical Jesus.

Book by professor Daniel Treier

Evangelical Theology

Evangelical theology has become more academically engaged, aware of global Christianity, and interested in the Great Tradition, yet is increasingly fragmented. This introductory textbook for evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries offers students a biblically rich, creedally structured, ecumenically evangelical, and ethically engaged introduction to Christian theology.

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Possible Careers for Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Students

In partnership with our Center for Vocation and Career, many find employment in higher education, as well as church and parachurch agencies.

  • Churches
  • Colleges and universities
  • Parachurch agencies
  • Religious organizations
  • Publishing houses
  • Seminaries

Alumni from the program have gone on to work at the following organizations and many more:

  • Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Institut Biblique et Missionnaire
  • First Presbyterian Church of Miami
  • Northern Seminary
  • Talbot School of Theology
  • The Urban Ministry Institute
  • Oak Hill Theological College
  • Grace Theological Seminary
  • Zondervan Publishing
  • Gordon College
  • Grace Church of DuPage
  • Singapore Bible College
  • Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary
  • Crossway Books
  • Planetshakers College
  • Reality LA
  • Knox Theological Seminary
  • Visoko Evanđeosko Teološko Učilište, Croatia 

Alumni of the Ph.D. in Biblical & Theological Studies program have gone on to faithful careers in a variety of different fields. Many hold teaching positions at seminaries as well as both Christian and secular colleges and universities around the country and the world. Beyond that, our graduates pastor churches large and small here in the local area, on both coasts of the country, and in many other countries across the globe. A number of graduates also serve in publishing and other media-related fields.