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Alumni Testimonials

The doctoral program in Biblical and Theological Studies began in 2002 with the establishment of fully endowed doctoral fellowships. Since then, 98% of our Ph.D. graduates have secured full-time vocational positions in a variety of settings. Hear what alumni are saying about their time here at Wheaton College.

Gregory Thellman, Ph.D. 2016

The characteristics of the program itself—the mentor-driven approach, the integration of theological disciplines, the evangelical commitment, and the generous doctoral fellowships—are all distinctives that make the Wheaton program unmatched. Most importantly, the Wheaton Ph.D. program truly fosters a community of Christian scholars.

Carmen Imes, Ph.D. 2016

Wheaton was an ideal place in which to prepare for a lifetime of scholarship and teaching. The intimate size of the program fostered a collaborative environment and formed lifelong friendships. Wheaton’s high-caliber faculty were accessible and full of wisdom.

Robbie Crouse, Ph.D. 2016

I came to Wheaton hoping to be enriched in biblical and theological study and challenged by devoted faculty. That is exactly what I got. In particular, I am grateful for the interdisciplinary vision of Wheaton's Ph.D. program: its goal to cross boundaries of biblical, historical, and systematic theology for the sake of the church and academy. The deeply evangelical commitment also provided an encouraging and supportive community of Christian scholars.

Stephanie Lowery, Ph.D. 2016

Wheaton College has been the ideal program for me. I particularly appreciated the encouraging, welcoming community of my fellow students, and the close interactions with my advisor from day one onward.

Austin Surls, Ph.D. 2015

The reasons I chose Wheaton in the first place continue to be the reasons I love and recommend the school to other Christian scholars: Wheaton highly values doctoral-level research, holds strongly to central Christian doctrines, and offers a "mid-Atlantic" model through which students graduate between 3-6 years.

James Gordon, Ph.D. 2015

One of the main reasons I decided to do my doctoral work at Wheaton College was that few programs offered the kind of interdisciplinary work in which I was interested. Trying to cross the boundaries between theology and biblical studies––not to mention philosophy!––can be an occupational hazard, but the faculty at Wheaton helped me navigate the accompanying challenges carefully.

Jon Hoglund, Ph.D. 2015

The student group at Wheaton provided an invaluable sounding board for new ideas in a noncompetitive and friendly environment.

Mike Kibbe, Ph.D. 2014

My scholarly soul is wedded to the idea that biblical scholars, systematic theologians, and historical theologians should spend more time with each other. Wheaton's distinctive quest for disciplinary integration was fertile soil for that passion, and I count my seminars in systematic theology among my most formative experiences at Wheaton.

Brittany Kim, Ph.D. 2014

Wheaton College was a wonderful place for me to complete my doctoral studies. The small size of the program facilitates significant interaction between student and mentor, and I am so thankful for all of the support and guidance I received from my mentor, Richard Schultz, at each stage of my program. He modeled both careful scholarship and service to the church, gave me invaluable counsel on my dissertation work, prayed with me during difficult times, and sought out opportunities for me to develop as a teacher and a scholar.

Amy Hughes, Ph.D. 2013

My time in the PhD program researching the tradition of the Church has been a source of great joy. I benefited greatly from being a part of the Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies, having been able to meet and engage top scholars in my field as a result. Although my focus was historical theology specifically, formal and informal interaction with my colleagues in biblical studies and systematic theology was common and a source of enrichment.

Ben Ribbens, Ph.D. 2013

I am deeply grateful for my time at Wheaton, and I can say with great confidence that it has prepared me well as a scholar and teacher.

Uche Anizor, Ph. D. 2012

The doctoral program at Wheaton College provided the ideal environment for me to grow into a Ph.D. student. I am grateful to my cohort for providing companionship in a non-competitive environment, while, by their lives, prodding me to pursue excellence in the many areas of my own life.

Laurie Norris, Ph.D. 2011

I am profoundly grateful for my doctoral mentor, Dr. Douglas Moo. His utmost humility and integrity in scholarship, both in his ongoing pursuit of truth and in his gracious dialogue, are truly a model to emulate.

Elisee Ouoba, Ph.D. 2011

Wheaton’s growing global approach to higher learning and the fine quality of its faculty uniquely position this institution to train men and women who can serve effectively in the church worldwide. I feel honored and proud to be a small part of this global vision.

Dane Ortlund, Ph.D. 2010

It has been a great mercy of God to study at Wheaton. The integrative blend of Bible and theology was rich and fruitful.

Chee-Chiew Lee, Ph.D. 2010

Wheaton College’s Ph.D. program brings together a unique combination of interdisciplinary studies, rigorous scholarship, and a deep concern for the edification of the church through biblical studies and theological reflection.

Jerry Hwang, Ph.D. 2009

Though I was an Old Testament student, the interdisciplinary nature of the program also equipped me in the disciplines of New Testament and theology in order to minister effectively in the Majority World.

Heiko Wenzel, Ph.D. 2008

The academic insights of scholars from various departments along with their willingness to engage other points of view greatly influenced my dissertation project.

Michael Allen, Ph.D. 2007

The interdisciplinary nature of the Wheaton Ph.D. is its raison d'être, and I have found that this emphasis will forever shape my approach to theological studies.

Matthew S. Harmon, Ph.D. 2006

The constant interaction with world-class faculty and my fellow students in the program deepened my understanding of God, His purposes in the world and how the academy can serve the church in advancing Christ's kingdom.

Chris Beetham, Ph.D. 2005

Wheaton's program has been intentionally created to be done by those within the Church, for the Church. The combination of excellent faculty, immediate dissertation research, choice seminars, and the opportunity to work closely with a seasoned personal mentor, makes for an incredible program that can still be finished in three years.