Kevin Wong, Ph.D. 2021

Kevin Wong, Ph.D. 2021

Kevin WongRecipient of the Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Meyer Endowed Fellowship and Donald and Elizabeth King Endowed Fellowship

Assistant Professor of Theological Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

In my dissertation, The Union of Divinity and Humanity: Defending Dualism through Christology, I argue that the anthropological position that sees humans as only physical is not compatible with a Chalcedonian Christology. I explore why some Christians might adopt such a position and object against those reasons, and then finally offer two plausible accounts for how God the Son might have a human soul and body. 

I chose Wheaton for Ph.D. studies in theology and biblical studies for many reasons, only a few of which I can highlight here. One, the outstanding faculty. My mentor, Marc Cortez, was the leading factor for my choosing Wheaton over other programs. His careful cultivation of overall character in his students matches his keen scholarship. Daniel Treier, my second reader, was a delight to work with. He is the consummate professional, offering penetrating insight to making the students better versions of themselves. Doug Moo was also excellent in pushing me in my both exegetical skills and integration. Two, the program works hard at building the right kind of culture. I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues at Wheaton. I am honored to have studied alongside them and refer to their expertise when I need some help understanding an unfamiliar topic. 

Wheaton College was some of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. I constantly look back on those times with great fondness. It has profoundly shaped me into the professor that I am today, and I am forever grateful for my education there.