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Uche Anizor, Ph.D. 2012

Uche Anizor, Ph.D. 2012

Recipient of the Anderson Fellowship

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, CA

My dissertation is entitled "Kings and Priests: Scripture's Theological Account of Its Readers" (supervised by Dr. Daniel J. Treier). The history of modern biblical interpretation is checkered, calling for a number of recent attempts to rethink and resituate readers theologically and ethically.  At least two tendencies emerge in these remedial proposals, both of which animated my study: (1) many accounts privilege either divine action (theology) or human response (ethics); (2) few proposals have availed themselves of the potential hermeneutical resources of a more extensive biblical theology.  My dissertation offers a theological and ethical account of Christian readers of scripture--one that brings together these two apparently divergent poles--through the development of a biblical motif: royal priesthood.  The designation of the people of God as a royal priesthood, conditioned and informed by the offices of king and priest, carries with it themes that frame the hermeneutical situation in such a way that accounts well for both divine agency and human response. 

The doctoral program at Wheaton College provided the ideal environment for me to grow into a Ph.D. student.  I am grateful to my cohort for providing companionship in a non-competitive environment, while, by their lives, prodding me to pursue excellence in the many areas of my own life.  Similar things may be said of cohorts before and after mine.  I am above all greatly indebted to my doctoral mentor, Dan Treier.  He took on a very shaky student and tactfully, patiently, and graciously guided me through life change, course work, and this project during my time at Wheaton.  He models excellence as an evangelical husband, father, and scholar.  I continue to learn so much from observing his life and work.