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Media on Other Wade Authors

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Matthew Milliner

Hansen Lectures by Matthew Milliner on G.K. Chesterton

Matt Milliner, Associate Professor of Art History, presents three lectures using insights from G.K. Chesterton as a guide to understanding the broad sweep of Native American art, especially in the Midwest as the 2019-2020 Hansen Lectureship series titled: "Turtle Island Renaissance."

Jim Beitler and book cover

Seasoned Speech: Rhetoric in the Life of the Church

September 10, 2019
Dr. Jim Beitler, associate professor of English at Wheaton College, seeks to renew interest in and hunger for an effective Christian rhetoric by closely considering the work of five beloved Christian communicators.

Olga Lukmanova

Masters and Friends: How the Wade Authors Changed My Life

August 13, 2019
Dr. Olga Lukmanova, author, translator, Fulbright Scholar, and professor in Russia, shares how the seven Wade authors influenced her life.

Other Past Events

David and Crystal Downing Crystal &  David Downing May 10, 2019
"C.S. Lewis and Dorothy L. Sayers:
A Feisty Friendship"
Drs. David and Crystal Downing, Wade Co-Directors, share excerpts from personal letters between Lewis and Sayers, and discuss the themes of giving and receiving Christian critique, and creativity.
Brian Daigle Brian Daigle April 9, 2019
"A Chestertonian Education: Reason, Wonder, Joy, and Paradox"

Brian Daigle asks in this lecture "what are we missing in our own philosophy of education if we do not read Chesterton and hear what he had to say about ideas at the core of what it means to be educated?"
Crystal Downing Crystal Downing March 4, 2019
"The Wages of Cinema: Dorothy L. Sayers's Spiritual Montage"
This inaugural lecture by Crystal Downing demonstrates that the art of film moved Sayers, transforming her from a best-selling detective fiction novelist to an influential lay theologian.
Rolland Hein, Doors In book cover Rolland Hein February 20, 2019
"Doors In: The Fairy Tale World of George MacDonald"

Dr. Rolland Hein shares from his latest book on the fairy tales of George MacDonald, which demonstrate the essential role of the imagination in discerning spiritual truths.
Jon Eller Jonathan R. Eller April 9, 2018
"That High Truth": Lewis, Williams, Chesterton, and Ray Bradbury
Bradbury's mythopoeic tendencies and resistance to corrupting materialism are, perhaps, best studied by exploring his interest in the works of Lewis, Williams, and Chesterton.
Christine Colon  Christine Colón 2017-2018
Hansen Lectures on Dorothy L. Sayers by Christine Colón

Lecture series titled: "Community or Chaos?: Searching for Clues in the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers"
Timothy Larsen Timothy Larsen 2016-2017
Hansen Lectures on George MacDonald by Timothy Larsen
Lecture series titled: "The Rose Fire: George MacDonald in the Age of Miracles"
Paul Fiddes Paul Fiddes January 20, 2015
"Ways of Exchange: ‘Co-inherence’ in Charles Williams and C.S. Lewis"
Dr. Fiddes explores Williams’s idea of ‘co-inherence': The mutual indwelling of human persons in each other, in Christ, in the Church, and the triune God. 
Olga Lukmanova Olga Lukmanova October 28, 2014
"George MacDonald and the Art of Mythmaking"
Lukmanova examines MacDonald's fairy tales and how he connected Christian content and Biblical themes to the basic pattern of myth.
Chris Fletcher Christine Fletcher November 7, 2013
"Theology in Wartime: Dorothy L. Sayers and C.S. Lewis"
Fletcher examines Lewis and Sayers's writing during the WWII Era as a model for Christian Engagement.