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How do you see the work of the Wade Center continuing to develop over the next 50 years?


Over the next 50 years I see the Wade Center providing more and more online resources, full text articles, and, to the extent that copyright laws change, even some primary sources on their website. I also see the Wade Center breaking new ground in video resources, moving into uncharted waters of research (such as the life of Warren Lewis, the lives of their parents, the life of W. T. Kirkpatrick, etc.). I also see the Wade Center seeking new ways to get the message of C.S. Lewis and the other six authors across to an increasingly secular world.

Dr. Joel Heck
Professor of Theology
Concordia University Texas

* * *

I hope the Wade remains true to its core mission of encouraging and supporting serious scholarship on its authors by keeping its holdings current, remaining a presence in relevant intellectual fields, and continuing to be a welcoming place that one wishes to return to and introduce to others.

Adam Schwartz
Professor of History
Christendom College

* * *

I think the church is still on its way to discover the immense potential of the legacy of the seven writers for a global spiritual transformation and renewal of Christianity. I do believe that Christians worldwide need a profound healing of their imagination, a reintegration of the left and the right hemisphere, of mind and heart, of reason and intuition. I believe that besides being a research center for specialized scholars, the Wade center should perhaps focus on developing and offering educational programs for lay Christians, programs that would apply the insights and wisdom of the seven authors in Christian spirituality and everyday life.

Pavel Hosek
Chair of Religious Studies, Protestant Theological Faculty
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic