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Memories and Tributes to the Wade Center in Celebration of our 50th Anniversary

Poem basket - 50th anniversaryLeading up to our 50th anniversary celebration in 2015, the Wade Center sent out a request for shared memories and reflections on our past 50 years and the ongoing influence of our authors. The responses received were numerous, and came from around the world. We have, with the gracious consent of the contributors, posted selections from these tributes here to serve as testament to the lives touched already, and as an encouragement as we anticipate the future stories yet untold.

The memories and tributes are organized by the questions below. Click the links to read the responses.

  1. In what ways has the Wade Center impacted you?
  2. What memories do you have of your time at the Wade Center?
  3. Describe the influence one or more of the seven authors have had on your life and faith. Can you give a specific example?
  4. Why is the Wade Center significant to the world of today?
  5. How do you see the work of the Wade Center continuing to develop over the next 50 years?