Voyageur Center Renovation Continues at HoneyRock

March 15, 2021

George Polcaster, HoneyRock’s Facilities Manager, has been overseeing the renovation of the Voyageur Center. This is the second of three Voyageur Center renovation blogs—you can read the first post here!

The Voyageur Renovation Continues

The HoneyRock Construction team started this project in January and it’s taken tremendous strides. Nearly two months into the project, the renovation is almost done.

A critical component of the renovation is updating and reconfiguring the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. The HoneyRock team brought on local HVAC contractors who found creative and inexpensive solutions to the demands of the old building. Once this was complete, the team of Vanguards, Fellows, and professional staff were able to layer in the framing and electrical work.

Pulling the Vision Together

The new work rotation of Vanguards picked up exactly where the last work rotation left off. Vanguards Sofia Brown, Alyssa Mishler, and Meg Wolfe began the project with Fellow, Josh Spratlin in January. Earlier this month as the Vanguards transitioned from their second to third work rotation so Vanguards Jacob Estep, Kyra Johnson, and Beth Singer joined the project. They have continued the work by finishing off the most challenging parts of the framing—constructing the softening that encapsulates the HVAC ductwork and building the surrounding soffit.

Polcaster credits the progress of the renovation to the creativity and harmony of the team. While construction projects can sometimes turn into a competition, George shared, “What we have here is an orchestra. Everyone knows the part they need to play when they come in—when they need to play louder, and when they need to play more softly. If you were to observe us all working together, it looks like a bunch of ants that are constructing something. It's a great flow that we have going on right now and exactly what you would hope for.” 

What’s Next for the Voyageur Center Renovation

The renovation is still on pace to be finished before we welcome summer staff and campers to HoneyRock in May and June! In the next several weeks, soundproofing measures will be taken as well as adding drywall. Once in the drywall phase, the team will receive millwork and begin the staining and finishing process so that once the drywall is dry, the team can begin the interior trim.

Polcaster and the team are excited about the challenge to transform the tired space into a hub that serves Vanguards and summer staff for years to come. This project shows what it means to create spaces that facilitate transformational experiences not only once they’re complete, but also for those taking part in the construction process.

Stay tuned for the final update on the completion of the Voyageur Center, coming in May! –Henry Xuan, Vanguard ‘21 

Registration for Summer Camp at HoneyRock is Open!

We are SO excited to return to our traditional summer lineup of programs this summer. You can see a complete list of our summer camp programs, dates, and cost with the link below.