Wheaton College Graduate Admissions Announces New Simplified Application

March 12, 2021

A new streamlined application process increases the accessibility of the Wheaton College Graduate School.

The office of Graduate Admissions announced today that it is simplifying its application process, effective immediately.

“The changes streamline the transcript requirements for all applicants,” said Silvio Vazquez, the Chief Enrollment Management Officer at Wheaton College. “This much-needed update will significantly improve the accessibility of our graduate application process.”

Under the former admissions guidelines, applicants were required to submit official transcripts from all previously attended schools. This often included schools where three or even fewer credit hours had been taken.

“For applicants with multiple continuing education credits, one-off classes, or undergraduate transfer schools, the previous requirements often created unnecessary barriers to application completion,” said Director of Graduate Admissions Terrance Campbell.

Applicants are now only required to provide official transcripts from each institution where they have received or will receive a degree before enrollment in Wheaton College Graduate School.

This new requirement includes a few caveats. For example, applicants who have earned more than 25% of their degree from institutions outside of their degree-conferring school may be required to supply official transcripts for those credits if the course names and grades are not explicitly listed on the degree-conferring school transcript. Graduate Admissions will also reserve the right to request additional transcripts that may be needed to meet departmental requirements or demonstrate proof of program-specific prerequisites.

Campbell notes that this change is already making a difference for current applicants facing upcoming March, May, and June deadlines. “We are reaching out to our current applicant pool and will work with each student to identify which transcripts are still necessary to complete their applications. In the first few minutes of making this announcement, we assisted several applicants by completing their application files and presenting them for review by the Admissions Committee.”

--Hannah Hempstead

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