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Programs, Dates, and Cost for Summer Camp Programs at HoneyRock

Programs, Dates, and Cost for Summer Camp Programs at HoneyRock

Programs, Dates, and Cost for Summer Camp Programs at HoneyRock

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2024 Program Dates and Cost for Summer Camp at HoneyRock

Click on the program name in the far left column to learn more about that program. To register your camper(s), return to the top of the page and click "Register".

Registration for HoneyRock Summer Camp Programs and Family Day(s) opens November 15, 2023 at 9:00am CST.


For Campers Entering

2024 Camp Dates

Family & Pick Up Day


Day Camp I 

1-4 Grades July 8 - 12 no Family Day


[*Local Resident Cost Below]

Day Camp II 

1-4 Grades July 22 - 26 no Family Day


[*Local Resident Cost Below]

 Intro to Res Camp

3-6 Grades June 24 - 29 June 29 $625

Residential Camp 1 

4-8 Grades July 1 - July 12 July 12 $1,695

Residential Camp 2 

4-8 Grades July 15 - July 26 July 26 $1,695

 Residential Camp 3

4-8 Grades  July 29 - August 9 August 9 $1,550

Advance   Camp I 

Three Week

9th Grade   June 24 - July 12 July 12 $2,450

  Advance Camp II

Two Week

9th Grade  July 15 - July 26 July 26 $1,695


10-11 Grades  July 1 - July 26 July 26 ** Actual $4,010 | Adjusted $2,995

Voyageur Session I: Boundary Waters Canoeing

10-12 Grades  June 24 - July 12 July 12 **Actual $4,025 | Adjusted $2,775

Voyageur Session 2: Isle Royale Backpacking

10-12 Grades  July 15 - July 26 July 26 **Actual $2,400 | Adjusted $1,995

 Catalyst 1

5 week 

11-12 Grades  June 24 - July 27 July 27 ** Actual $3,425 | Adjusted $2,995

Catalyst 1

 7 week

11-12 Grades  June 24 - August 10 August 10 ** Actual $4,825 | Adjusted $2,995

Catalyst 2

 6 week

11-12 Grades  June 16 - July 27 July 27 ** Actual $4,125 | Adjusted $2,995

Catalyst 2

 8 week

11-12 Grades  June 16 - August 10 August 10 ** Actual $5,625 | Adjusted $2,995

* For residents of Three Lakes/Northland Pines School Districts Day Camp cost is $215. When preparing to register, please contact our Camper Registration Coordinator at honeyrock.regsiter@wheaton.edu   

** The 2024 Camper Program Availability Chart is updated weekly.

*** Actual and Adjusted Program Costs: for more information on updated program costs and pricing models, see below. 

  Programs are Filling Quickly! Review the Availability Chart Here.


Making Camp Affordable

Program Costs and Pricing Model

Actual v. Adjusted: Catalyst

We're asking Catalyst campers and their families to choose between paying the actual price and the adjusted price. The actual price reflects the real costs needed to deliver a full HoneyRock Catalyst 1 or 2 experience. We recognize that some Catalyst campers and their families cannot afford the actual price at this time but still desire to come to HoneyRock for the summer. If that is the case, you can opt for the adjusted price.

This ability to choose between the actual and the adjusted prices is made possible through the generosity of contributions to our annual fund drive and camper scholarship endowments. We invite you to pay the price that is most suitable for you and your family at this time. The price you choose to pay will not influence the experience you (your camper) will receive.

Actual v. Adjusted: Voyageur and 2:22 Programs

If you are financially prepared to pay the difference between the actual and adjusted cost of the 2:22 or Voyaguer camper programs, we invite you to donate an amount of your choice towards the difference between the adjusted and actual program costs. You can do this during the registration process after logging into or creating your account.

Your contribution towards the difference of actual and adjusted prices helps cover the actual operating costs of these two programs (Voyageur and 2:22) which provide unique wilderness experiences to HoneyRock high school campers. 

Here are several ways to make camp more affordable: 

Explore Financial Assistance & Scholarships

  1. Camper Matching Program 

    For Residential Camp and Advance Camp, HoneyRock will match what a camper honestly earns and contributes to their camper fee. More detailed information: Camper Matching Program

  2. Payment Plans

    We will work with you to create an individual plan that works for you. See more detailed information about payment plans

  3. Camperships (Camper Scholarships)

    Further financial assistance is available to those who demonstrate a need through various camperships (camper scholarships). We have a specific campership fund for children of single mothers. Generous donors have given money to make HoneyRock possible for you and your family. Please, do not hesitate to apply for these funds.

  4. Support of Others

    Approximately 25% of our camper families receive funds from their grandparents, other relatives, or churches. Consider who can aid in sending your camper to camp this summer! More information can be found by following the link above "Expore Financial Assistance & Scholarships". 

If you have further questions about program pricing updates or pricing models for high school programs, you can contact honeyrock.register@wheaton.edu or call the HoneyRock Registration Office at 630-752-5420.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be a lot of questions when you're deciding to send your child to summer camp. We've compiled a comprehensive list on a single page. Use the link below to check out the questions!