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Family Day at HoneyRock

We can't wait to see you at Family Day!

Check back for info on Family Day 2022 in November!

Participating in Family Day is one way to really observe what your camper experienced at HoneyRock and learn about their growth.

You will have ‘hands-on’ what happened in your child’s life this summer as you experience life at HoneyRock for the day. Camp is a powerful and transformational event partly because it happens outside of the home environment and permanent system. However, campers need help transferring those lessons back home. Coming to Family Day will help you experience what has happened in the life of your camper!

Family Day For:

  • Intro-Res Camp

Additional Information:

  • Time: 9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m.
  • Food: lunch provided
  • Activities: parent one-on-ones, time to walk around HoneyRock with your camper, lunch, and a presentation by HoneyRock Director, Rob Ribbe

You'll take home your campers on Family Day!



Additional Information

Registration for Family Day Opens on June 1, 2021

Help us make sure we have enough food for everyone at Family Day by registering! There is no charge to attend. 

Access Your Account > Sign In > Register > A Family > Follow the Prompts!

This day is designed for the entire family—younger siblings are especially invited to come to enjoy the day. You will also meet one-on-one with your child’s counselors to hear from them what has happened in your child’s life. After a picnic lunch, parents will have the opportunity to hear about the mission and philosophy of HoneyRock’s programs.

We do not allow family pets to attend Family Day at HoneyRock. If you bring your dog, you'll be asked to keep them in your car parked in the shade with your windows down.

HoneyRock is "a place apart" and we ask people not to use cell phones in the main areas of HoneyRock. While we understand that your work may require you to be accessible by cell phone, please take advantage of this opportunity to unplug and fully engage in the HoneyRock experience.

Parents (or other pre-authorized persons) need to pick up their campers after Family Day concludes. 

Is a grandparent, friend, or neighbor picking up your camper from HoneyRock or the HoneyRock bus? Please access your account to update your transportation information.