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Photos and Notes Info for Summer at HoneyRock

Sending Notes & Viewing Photos

If you have additional questions, please reach out directly to Bunk1 at:

To Adjust Your Bundles

If you're experiencing difficulty selecting different bundles for multiple campers OR have inadvertently purchased a bundle for a non-registered child, Bunk1 can help! You have two options:

  1. Call Bunk1 Support at 212-974-9112
  2. Email their support team at 

To Access Bunk1 - BunkNotes and Viewing Photos

You do not need to create a new account with Bunk1! Follow these steps to access Bunk1:

  1. Access your HoneyRock account, HERE.
  2. Select “Registrations” from the Dashboard 
  3. Select the registration step called Connect with Camper 
  4. Select Photos/Bunk Notes 
  5. Purchase your Bunk Notes package*

Want the app? Bunk1 is available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you are asked for an invitation code, use HoneyRock2024.

*Viewing photos will always be free! Select this as your bundle option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out some frequently asked questions pertaining to Bunk1 & Bunk Notes. Below you can also view camper program trip schedules to see when your camper's program is out in the woods on trip!

Not finding photos of your camper's program on Bunk1 recently? They're likely on trip! To see when your camper's program is on trip, check out the trip schedule below. 

Res Elementary

Session 1 - Girls: July 4-5 / Boys: June 30 - July 1

Session 2 - Girls: July 18-19 Boys: July 14-15

Session 3 - Girls: August 1-2 Boys: July 28-29

Res Middle

Session 1 - Girls: July 3-5 / Boys: June 29-July 1

Session 2 - Girls: July 17-19 / Boys: July 13-15 

Session 3 - Girls: July 31-August 2 / Boys: July 27-29

Advance Camp

Session 1 - Men: June 20-24 / Women: June 26-30

Session 2 -  Men: July 11-13 / Women: July 12-14


Session 1 - June 21-July 5

Session 2 - July 12-19

Catalyst 1 

June 21-24

Catalyst 2

June 15-17


June 28-July 6

No. Bunk1 is a one-way communication tool from the camper's family to the camper. Bunk Replies have been discontinued. HoneyRock has decided to discontinue the Bunk Replies feature. Campers will instead be given postcards to write a note home to their family while they're at HoneyRock.

No – you’ll use the same credentials (email and password) you use for your HoneyRock account. This means, years from now, you’ll never have to remember a random password…it will always be the same as your HoneyRock account email and password.

This is a great feature! By setting up Express, you'll create a unique email address for your camper. Then, you use that email address from your personal email. There's no need to log into Bunk1 to send a note to your camper!

To create the unique email address for your camper, click on Bunk Notes Express under the Bunk Notes tab. Once the new page opens find the name of your child and click on "Change" next to the email address.

Option One: Bunk Notes Express

By setting up Express, you'll create a unique email address for your camper. Then, you use that email address from your personal email. If you give this personalized email address to friends and family, they can email your camper directly (without having to log into Bunk1.) This option will draw from the credits you have purchased at 1 credit/email. If you have purchased the unlimited option, you can send unlimited emails!

Option Two: Invite Family/Friends

If you want family/friends to purchase their own bundle, this is the route for you:

  1. Once you're in Bunk1 (use the directions above), view the account menu and click "Invite Family Members". This also appears under the Dashboard under "Quick Links".
  2. Your family member will then receive an email from Bunk1 Customer Care, containing a unique link. Once they click on the link, they will be prompted to choose a password and create an account.

Please note: For security purposes, invited family and friends do not gain access to your account or any Bunk Note Credits in your account if you choose option two.

Go to your HoneyRock registration account and reset your password there – then, log into Bunk1 with your HoneyRock email and new, changed password. Do not try and change your credentials through Bunk1!

HoneyRock receives Bunk Notes every morning. This includes all Bunk Notes received in the preceding 24 hours. We then distribute (and pick up Bunk Replies) at lunch.

NO! If you’re prompted to select a “bundle”, scroll down and click on the orange bar that will let you view the photos for free.

We think that’s funny, too – it just reflects that Bunk1 isn’t keeping track of your credits since you purchased the unlimited package.

Once you complete your Bunk Note, you will be automatically redirected to the "View Sent" Bunk Notes page. You can navigate to this page by clicking on Bunk Notes > View Sent. All of the messages that appear under View Sent, have been delivered to your camper. Every morning HoneyRock receives a single pdf document containing all the Bunk Notes that were received over the last 24 hours. 

This simply confirms the note was successfully sent. It will also reflect your credit balance. Remember – if you purchased the unlimited package, your credit balance will always read as 0.

If you prefer to not receive these email notifications, you can switch them off on the Bunk Note Express Page.