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Behavior Covenant for HoneyRock Campers

Behavior Covenant

Ensuring a safe, productive, and fun learning environment for all who spend time at HoneyRock.

As a HoneyRock Camp Participant, I agree to... 

Respect my fellow campers:

  1. I will be kind to other campers. I will not use words that are rude, profane, or insult God or other people.
  2. I will only take or use property that belongs to me or that has been assigned to me. I will not steal from others or HoneyRock.
  3. I will engage in all discussions and activities. I will not distract others or hinder them from fully participating in camp.
  4. I will keep my temper and will not act in a violent way towards others.
  5. I will be respectful, kind, and inviting to all campers. I will not show favoritism or exclude people.

Respect HoneyRock’s leaders: 

  1. I will be honest.
  2. I will obey my counselor and other HoneyRock staff quickly and cheerfully.
  3. I will obey the HoneyRock dress code (see the Information Packet for details).

Respect the HoneyRock environment:

  1. I will help keep the camp clean and will not purposely destroy or damage things.
  2. I will keep food in the right place.
  3. I will not bring electronic devices to HoneyRock.
  4. I will not bring drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products to camp.
  5. I will stay out of off-limit areas.

As a HoneyRock Camper parent, I agree to... 

  1. Talk with my child about his/her behavior before coming to camp. I will work with my child to set behavior goals and will follow up with him/her after camp to debrief the experience.
  2. Be available during my child's camp session (via phone) to talk about any behavioral issues or concerns HoneyRock may have.
  3. If an incident with my child should occur, I will support and work with the HoneyRock staff to bring a resolution to the problem.
  4. If my child's behavior is so unacceptable that he/she must be sent home, I will be responsible for transporting my child home from camp. I will also be responsible for ensuring that my child has sought appropriate reconciliation with others and has made restoration.
  5. I will provide feedback to HoneyRock on behavioral issues I am aware of and give my suggestions for making things better in the future.

As HoneyRock we agree to... 

  • Provide safe and excellent Christ-centered programs that follow our mission and core values.
    • Create an inclusive camp experience for students from all racial/ethnic backgrounds to enhance collaboration, engagement, and understanding.
  • Address behavioral issues as swiftly and thoroughly as possible. Depending on the severity of the offense, HoneyRock reserves the right to send a camper home immediately—at the parent’s expense and without refund of camp fee. Egregious offenses include actions and/or language that are insensitive, abusive, harmful, and unsafe in the following categories.
    • Sexual Inappropriate Behavior: touching the private parts of another person, taking inappropriate photos of another person, exposing private parts to another person, or other forms of sexual harassment.
    • Physical: Aggressive contact or conduct towards another
    • Language: Offensive racial terms or other inappropriate terms directed at any racial or religious group. Also included in this category are homophobic slurs, derogatory words towards gender, inappropriate references towards disabled persons, or other language intended to tear others down.
    • Bullying: unwanted, verbal, social or physical behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.
  • In all other cases of unsafe, insensitive, or troubling behavior, we will follow this developmental process:
    • On the first offense, we will talk with the camper, the counselor, and the program manager.
    • On the second offense, the program manager will notify the parents of the issues and will create a plan with the parents to correct the behavior. The parents will speak directly with their child.
    • On the third offense, the camper will be sent home immediately at the parents' expense.
  • Support parents in their child-raising efforts, listen, and help when appropriate.

Reviewed 2020.