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Additional Reference, Info Forms for Catalyst 1 & 2

Catalyst Reference Form

This form is for both Catalyst 1 and Catalyst 2. You can either print the PDF linked below and mail it to HoneyRock OR provide your answers on the PDF and email it to honeyrock.register@wheaton.edu

While Catalyst is a camper program, there is a significant level of responsibility given as a part of the experience. For that reason, we ask all Catalyst campers have one reference on file. In addition, Catalyst is required to participate in some pre-reading before arriving at HoneyRock. Catalyst 2 will also participate in an informational interview. This practice is used to gauge what area of HoneyRock a Catalyst camper is best placed.

Download the Catalyst Reference Form  Learn More About the Catalyst Program


Catalyst 1 Additional Information Form

For the Catalyst 1 camper to complete.

Catalyst 2 Additional Information Form

For the Catalyst 2 camper to complete.