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Intro-Res Camp at HoneyRock

Intro-Res Camp at HoneyRock

Intro-Res Camp at HoneyRock

Intro-Res Camp at HoneyRock

If your camper hasn't gone to an overnight camp before and is a little nervous about the idea, Intro-Res Camp is for them! Many parents use this shorter session for kiddos who are new to summer camp. From exploring the 14 activity areas that camp has to offer, to enjoying a “Moonlight Adventure” around the campfire, to engaging in Camper Worship each morning, Intro-Res Camp will keep your camper engaged in all sorts of fun throughout the day!

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Additional Information About Intro-Res Camp

Below, you’ll find the basic schedule of Intro-Res Camp. It's helpful for parents and campers to talk through it before heading to HoneyRock.

  • Wake Up
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Watch & Cabin Impact
  • Camper Worship
  • Activity Period I
  • Lunch
  • Rest Period
  • Activity Period II
  • Cabin Activity/OPA
  • Dinner
  • Evening Activities
  • Prep for Bed
  • Cabin Reflection
  • Lights Out!

 All campers take a few minutes of “alone” time to read Scripture, pray, and reflect during the day.

We eat family style at HoneyRock! You’ll come into the Dining Hall as a cabin and sit around a table with your cabin.

With 14 activity areas, it’s tough to be bored! During Intro Camp, campers jump from activity to activity as a cabin and experience most, if not all, of the activity areas. Some activities are adapted to meet the needs of the younger cabins – waterskiing becomes a boat ride, horsemanship becomes fun games at the barn, etc...

Cabin leaders prepare fun, interactive lessons to bring God’s Word to life, challenging and encouraging camper’s walk with Christ.

Every cabin goes on a Moonlight adventure! Here campers will have the opportunity to hike or canoe out to one of our nearby campfires to enjoy an evening around the fire and under the stars. We view this as an important part of their camp experience to get to spend more time in God’s beautiful creation.

This is structured “free time” – visit the Beehive, play a game, sign up for an activity as a cabin...the opportunities are endless!

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Have an intro-camper that's going to HoneyRock this summer? Check out the camper info packet!

Download the Intro-Res Camper Info Packet

Day in the Life of a Res-Intro Camper

Wondering what a day in the life of a Res-Intro Camper looks like? This video will take you through a day at HoneyRock!

Watch A Day in the Life in Res-Intro Camp

Dig Into Summer Camp Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be a lot of questions when you're deciding to send your child to summer camp. We've compiled a comprehensive list on a single page. Use the link below to check out the questions!

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Mom, I loved camp. I’m signing up for 12-day next summer! — 2021 Camper
He loves his cabin. He loved being active all the time and he loved the things he got to do. — 2020 Camper Parent