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2:22 at HoneyRock

2:22 at HoneyRock

2:22 at HoneyRock

2:22 at HoneyRock

Are you ready for a summer you will never forget? 2:22 is about living life to the fullest. It's a chance to make friendships that last, to build relationships where people know you. It's a chance to be a part of something that's real, to live in a community that meets you where you're coming from but also pushes you to be something more. It's about having counselors who want to be a part of your life, to go with you on the journey. And it's about plunging into an adventure that's going to be some of the most fun you've ever had.

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Wow, I knew that HoneyRock was great for kids, but this particular year, it was life-preserving for my daughter. It gave her something (the only thing) to look forward to for the weeks of e-learning and early summer. It gave her a reason to get a job at a grocery store (which also got her healthily connected with others since she was an "essential worker".) But now that she is home, I see great growth and change in her. She has a connection with Christian girls her age that she has never enjoyed before, she has a determination to take responsibility for her life, to live her life well, and to grow in Christ. — Anne Osielski, 2020 Camper Parent

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There can be a lot of questions when you're deciding to send your child to summer camp. We've compiled a comprehensive list on a single page. Use the link below to check out the questions!

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Additional Information About 2:22

Below, you’ll find the basic flow of the day for 2:22 -

  • Solid Rock (optional)
  • First Word
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Activities
  • Worship / Cabin Impact /Morning Watch 
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Free Time / Rest Hour
  • Dinner
  • Evening Activity
  • Cabin Reflection
  • Lights out

This is an optional “challenge” for campers – running, swimming, serving, and engaging God’s word every morning before breakfast.

All campers take a few minutes of “alone” time to read Scripture, pray, and reflect.

This is a structured devotional facilitated by cabin leaders. There is usually a short activity, guided discussion, and time to reflect on what they’re learning. 

Each cabin will embark on an eight-day wilderness trip early in their 2:22 experience—no wilderness experience needed! You’ll be stretched physically, but trips create fantastic memories and help us to focus our hearts and minds on exploring questions of identity and community. It also facilitates awesome encounters with God through His creation. Trips consist of backpacking, canoeing, or some combination of these activities in wilderness areas.

2:22 campers have the option to begin or continue working towards their Basic, Intermediate, and Masters in any of our 14 activity areas. This progression involves technical skills in the activity, service to the area, and instruction of other fellow campers. 

While activity areas are fun, they're also used to teach perseverance (it can take a camper 3-5 years to earn a Masters!), build confidence, learn how to fail and try again, and so many other life skills. Our activity areas are one of our most powerful tools for developing character and leadership in campers.

First Word is a time for the 2:22 community to gather together at the beginning of the day for one of our staff to share a short devotional. It helps us to start our day together focused on God.