Research at HoneyRock

Rob Ribbe on the Power of Good Research

Why Research?

As an academic center of Wheaton College, HoneyRock is uniquely positioned to conduct and contribute research to ministry professionals.

Working alongside our seasoned faculty and staff, our established and emerging graduate students are passionate, excited and equipped to contribute to the worldwide Christian camping and outdoor adventure ministry movement.

  • Most camps have a mission statement of some kind that, in theory, guides their practice. However, we can’t just create a program and assume that what we expect to happen will happen. We need to evaluate the program on its effectiveness in furthering the mission to ensure that our programs are actually doing what we want them to do. 
  • Data tells stories. By gathering information from participants, we can piece together stories about what happened, what was important and what the experience meant. We can share this story with others – donors, parents, future participants – and use it to invite more people in the story.  Ultimately, the stories we learn about and the stories we share are all part of God’s bigger story, and data allows us to communicate what’s happening within our small part of the story.
  • Culture is changing more rapidly than ever, and as a result, the needs of our constituents are changing just as rapidly. As needs change, the same program's models or strategies may no longer be useful. Research and evaluation of both our programs and our constituent needs help us maintain relevant and impactful programs amidst the ever-changing landscape.

As a graduate student, you can complete a degree in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership while continuing in your full-time job. If you're a member of a CCCA Partner camp, there could be a special partnership for you! Download the CCCA Graduate Student Roadmap