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M.A. in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership


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Master of Arts in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership

The MA in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership is designed to deepen your personal walk with Christ, sharpen your critical thinking and leadership, and equip you with Christian formation programming skills to work with youth and emerging adults in a variety of ministry contexts. 

Students are expected to work at HoneyRock or at their current organizations so they continuously integrate academic work with ministry practice. To enable this, courses are offered in a hybrid format involving online instruction and collaboration, and 1-2 week intensive residential sessions at HoneyRock or other partner sites.

All students must complete:

32 required core credit hours

  • OAL 518 Research Methods for Ministry (2 hours)
  • OAL 521 Personal Spiritual Formation (2 hours)
  • OAL 525 Camp Ministry in Global Contexts (4 hours)
  • OAL 534 Care and Counsel in Ministry (2 hours)
  • OAL 547 Philosophy of Ministry (2 hours)
  • OAL 548 Program Planning and Leadership (2 hours)
  • OAL 595 Foundations of Experiential Education (2 hours)
  • OAL 662 Theology and Practice of Outdoor Ministry (4 hours)
  • OAL 663 Organizational Leadership and Staff Development in Outdoor Ministry (4 hours)
  • OAL 682 Integrative Seminar (2 hours) or OAL 683 Integrative Seminar (0 hours)
  • BITH 565 Christian Theology (4 hours) TSR
  • OAL Final Project (CFM 692 Creative Project or CFM 698 Thesis/Applied Thesis) (2 hours)

Students also complete 8 credit hours of approved elective courses.
The elective options allow students to specialize in an area related to their context and calling in formational ministry. Students choose from one the specializations below or develop their own by selecting from available and accessible courses in the Wheaton College Graduate School or at another college for approval.

Potential specializations include:

  • Camp Ministry focus
  • College Ministry focus
  • Church Ministry Focus
  • Serving Special Populations

Course Sequencing

Courses are offered in a hybrid format with collaborative work done online, and 1-2 week intensive sessions at HoneyRock as a residential student or other partner learning sites as a flexible learning student.

The following links present a progression that allows completion of the MA in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership in two years.  For those pursuing their degree in the Flexible learning format part-time, the courses in the link OAL Flexible Learning Course Sequence will be available each Fall and Spring semesters. Students will propose their course progression, including elective choices for approval as part of their candidacy application before completion of the first 12 hours of credit.

OAL Residential Course Sequence

OAL Flexible Learning Course Sequence