M.A. in Outdoor Adventure Leadership Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the M.A. in Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Wheaton College, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrated ownership of personal faith formation and holistic growth within the Christian community, embracing creation as a context for transformation.
  2. Discerned their strengths, calling, limits, and passions for serving the needs of the church and the world.
  3. Practiced hospitality, caring for, engaging, and relating to others from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and traditions.
  4. Articulated the biblical, theological, historical, and philosophical foundations of formation and ministry.
  5. Identified and applied established frameworks for context analysis, effective ministry planning, and leadership development.
  6. Formulated a philosophy of ministry that integrates experiential education, temporary community, and experiences in creation as a context and process of transformation.
  7. Designed and facilitated effective outdoor and adventure-based experiences that foster personal and group development.
  8. Exercised leadership by effectively collaborating within an organization to accomplish shared goals and foster leadership development.
  9. Demonstrated the necessary curiosity and skills of a practitioner/scholar: critical analysis, oral and written communication, and program evaluation.