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Grace Leadership Institute

Wheaton College and Grace Leadership Institute in Erie, PA are partnering together to offer our Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree program specifically for students preparing for or currently in ministry with Grace Church or from Erie and the tri-state area from Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Buffalo.

Grace Leadership Institute (GLI) offers Christian training for emerging leaders to enrich and serve their organizations and communities. Its distinctive is gathering in an environment of shared educational opportunities with practical application activities where colleagues learn together, contribute examples, and benefit from each other’s experiences. GLI has a highly skilled and engaged faculty drawing from local leaders and regional experts.

Grace Leadership Institute has three branches for learning opportunities: 

  • School of Ministry - Graduate level and certificate programs with hands-on application
  • Leadership Development Center - Training opportunities for personal leadership development through courses, certificates, workshops, and a Speaker Series
  • Regional Church Collaborative - Learning environments among church leaders and ministry teams where ideas, methods, and successful programs are discussed and shared

Students connected to GLI can pursue a master's degree through Wheaton College and receive a tuition discount. The core of the M.A. in Ministry Leadership curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible & theology, mission, and leadership. In this modular program of online and in-person courses, you will network and work alongside like-minded students in your cohort, and you will be empowered to infuse classroom knowledge and insights back into your ministry team. Thanks to the flexible learning format, you can do all this while continuing in ministry leadership.

Students with GLI will be in a cohort together. A cohort is a group of 15 or more who go through the curriculum in lockstep, taking each course together.  Students in a cohort receive a 25% discount on tuition.

The first cohort of students through GLI will begin Spring Semester of 2023, with the first in person classes taking place in January 2023. 

Do you want to learn more about Grace Leadership Institute? Contact Melanie Deppen at melanie@graceleadershipinstitute.com. 

Ready to enroll? Contact Heather Matthews at heather.matthews@wheaton.edu to learn more about Wheaton College Graduate School's degree programs, check out our admission requirements, or begin your application today!