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Acts 29

The degree will be a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership and it is meant for the ministry practitioner. This 42-hour degree will not only have biblical and theological components but practical classes such as Organizational Change and Leadership in Ministry, Congregational Leadership, and Preaching. These courses are taught by Wheaton professors like Ed Stetzer and others.

The classes are done both online and through in-class intensives. That means that you’ll meet as a cohort 1-2 times per year for about 6 days—the rest is done online.

One of the perks of our partnership with Wheaton College is that as an Acts 29 network partner, you are able to get a 25% tuition discount if we form a full cohort of students. You’ll receive this discount each semester you’re in the cohort until you graduate.

We’re starting the first course this summer, July 13-18, 2020. I believe in this school and program so much that I have decided to host the first class, Church: Movements and Models. We’ll hold classes at The Village Church and some parts at my home. Check out the entire degree program here.

So, if you’ve been contemplating getting a master’s degree or are looking for something that is theologically robust but still practical in ministry, you’ll truly appreciate and value this MA in Ministry Leadership.

For more information about the program, contact Wendy Larson at wendy.larson@wheaton.edu and tell her you’re interested in the Acts 29 partnership. If you would like to apply, go to wheaton.edu/apply.

Cohort Master Schedule*

Summer 2020   EVAN 542
Church: Movements and Models
4 Texas
Fall 2020 Online BITH 533
Exploring the Old Testament
4 Online
Spring 2021 Online BITH 555
Exploring the New Testament
4 Online
Summer 2021 June EVAN 526
Gospel: Theological Perspective
4 Wheaton
Fall 2021 October EVAN 558
Personal Leadership and Development
4 Wheaton
Spring 2022 Online BITH 566
Foundations for Biblical Interpretation
4 Online
Spring 2022 P-Term MIN 547
Preaching (2hrs)
2 Wheaton
Summer 2022 June EVAN 559
Organizational and Change Leadership
4 Wheaton
Fall 2022 Online EVAN 545
Culture: Emerging and Global
4 Online
Spring 2023 Online BITH 565
Christian Theology
4 Online
Summer 2023 June MIN 561
Congregational Leadership
4 Wheaton
Fall 2023 Online MIN 692
Comp Exam
0 Online
    Total  42  

*Subject to change.