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Mosaix Institute Partnership

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Together in partnership, Wheaton College and the Mosaix Global Network offer an M.A. in Ministry Leadership to graduate students seeking to serve, establish or develop healthy multiethnic, biblically just, and financially sustainable churches and organizations for the sake of the gospel in an increasingly diverse society. Through this advanced degree, students receive Christ-centered, academically challenging, and onsite training from credible educators and proven practitioners to equip them for effective local church leadership and redemptive community engagement in the 21st century.

As part of a Mosaix Cohort, fifteen to twenty-two (15-22) graduate students receive a significant tuition discount (25%), and journey together as a group for the entire length of the program. As part of the 42 hour (11 classes) degree, students take 16 hours (4 classes) from Mosaix Institute instructors focused on theological understanding, core commitments, common challenges, movements and models, personal and collective development, and sustainable economics, as these relate to multiethnic local church and organizational ministry leadership. The unique degree features both online and onsite instruction; ongoing connection with peers and professors through a dedicated social media account; contextual coaching for those already in ministry, and more.

For more information about Wheaton's M.A. in Ministry Leadership offered in partnership with the Mosaix Institute, please contact graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Mark DeYmaz and Dr. George Yancey, the Mosaix Global Network exists to establish healthy multiethnic and economically diverse churches for the sake of the gospel in an increasingly diverse society. Today, Mosaix is recognized throughout North America and around the world for its catalytic leadership in helping to both establish and advance the growing Movement. 

For more information about professional services for pastors and churches outside the classroom, contact Alison Clinton directly at alison@mosaix.info or visit www.mosaix.info.

     •   EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives (4) ^ 
     •   EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging and Global (4) ^ 
     •   MIN 542 Multiethnic Church: Movements, Models, and Theology (4) *! 
     •   MIN 547 Preaching (2) ^ 
     •   MIN 559 Organizational and Change Leadership in Ministry (4) ! 
     •   MIN 558 Personal Development & Leadership in Ministry (4) ! 
     •   MIN 561 Congregational Leadership: Worship, Discipleship, and Care (4) ! 
     •   BITH 553 Exploring the OT (4) ^ 
     •   BITH 555 Exploring the NT (4) ^ 
     •   BITH 565 Christian Theology (4) ^ 
     •   BITH 566 Foundations for Biblical Interpretation (4) ^ 
     •   MIN 692 Comprehensive Exam (0)


^ Course offered online 
* Course number TBD 
! Mosaix Institute will provide course oversight, content, and instruction

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