European Initiative


European Initiative Partnership

The Master of Arts in Leadership (LEAD) exists to equip men and women with knowledge, spiritual understanding and practical skills to lead in a culturally diverse world. 

Wheaton College is offering  the M.A. in Leadership program to leaders throughout Europe.  Classes are taught  in the Czech Republic, on campus at Wheaton College and online. LEAD is a Christ-centered and intentionally practical leadership development program. This program is available to anyone doing work in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The curriculum builds on three foundations of effective leadership:

  • Knowledge of evidence-based leadership research and theory.
  • Spiritual maturity to discern truth and practice grace.
  • Practical skills for leading and growing organizations.

LEAD offers Christ-centered, research-based and practical leadership training to help you grow as leaders and transform organizations. In this program, you will learn from globally renowned scholars as well as real-word leaders with expertise in their fields.

LEAD (European Initiative) Degree Format

LEAD is a 36 credit-hour degree offered in a flexible learning format especially designed for European leaders.

  • Classes will be held in Wheaton, the Czech Republic and online
  • Students will have the opportunity to take classes at Wheaton (travel costs covered by scholarship)
  • Classes will be hybrid (partially in person/online) and fully online

MA Leadership European Initiatve

Three-year Tentative Schedule

If you are interested in learning more about the M.A. in Leadership program, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor Manager, Wendy Larson. Please use this application form to apply for the additional scholarship monies.

    Course Course Title Credits Location
Year One Fall LEAD 557 Foundations of Leadership in a Globalized World 4 Czechia
Spring MML 512 Leadership and Spiritual Formation  4 Czechia
Summer LEAD 692 Best and Worst of Church History 2 Wheaton
LEAD 692 Mental Health and Leadership 2 Wheaton
Year Two Fall MML 513 Theological & Systematic Foundation of the missio Dei 4 Malenovice 
LEAD 641 Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership 2
Spring BITH 565 Christian Theology 4 Online
Summer LEAD 662 Multicultural Teams 2 Online
LEAD 559 Organizational & Change Leadership 4 Online
Year Three Fall LEAD 631 Leading Non-Profit Organizations 4 Czechia
Spring MML 503 Cultural Engagement 2 Wheaton
LEAD 652 Strategic Management 2 Wheaton
Total Credits       36  

Admission Information

Admission to Wheaton College Graduate School requires completion of a 4-year bachelor's degree, or equivalent, from an accredited school.

To be considered equivalent to a 4-year B.A. degree an international degree must:

  • Be from an institution that is accredited either by governmental agencies or regional or professional accrediting agencies.
  • Be taken after 12 years of primary and secondary level schooling and having met university entrance requirements.
  • Be a 4-year tertiary (university level) program.
  • Have a strong element of Liberal Arts and Humanities in addition to the core courses taken within the major field.
  • Be completed at a high scholarship level, well above the minimum pass level.

Wheaton College requires those who attended international schools to submit an international transcript evaluation completed by an international credential evaluation service who is a current member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). We recommend World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators or SpanTran. Official transcripts are required for all post-secondary level schools attended outside the U.S. from which a degree was earned or is currently being earned. In the case where 25% or more of a student’s earned degree was comprised of transfer credits from another institution, the student must also submit an official transcript for the institution from which the credit originated for evaluation through WES or ECE. The report must include general equivalency, course by course evaluation, and grade point average (GPA).

You may choose an evaluation report that includes a copy of your transcript; or you may have your school(s) send us official transcripts directly in a sealed envelope. You are recommended to start the process a few months before the application deadline. Be sure to submit official transcripts from all post-secondary level schools, outside the U.S., from which a degree was earned or is currently being earned. Both places charge one fee no matter how many degrees you submit for review.

For the admission requirements, this individual will need to provide an English proficiency exam result and meet the required minimum scores either from IELTS, TOEFL or DuoLingo. Further information can be found on our English Proficiency page.