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ACNA Partnership

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be equipped.

We are offering a one time cohort in our Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree program specifically for students preparing for or currently in ministry in the Anglican Church. In this program, we will specifically engage with Anglican history, theology, ecclesiology, and formation in order to prepare you for more effective spiritual leadership in the Anglican Church. 

A cohort is a group of 15 or more who go through the curriculum in lockstep, taking each course together.  Students in a cohort receive a 25% discount on tuition.

The core of the M.A. in Ministry Leadership curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible & theology, mission, and leadership. In your cohort, you will study each of these areas with a distinct focus on ministry in the Anglican Church.

Wheaton College has a remarkable number of ACNA faculty, probably the most represented denomination among our faculty. 

  • Esau McCaulley
  • Danny Carroll
  • Rick Richardson
  • Emily Hunter McGowin
  • Andy Abernathy
  • Keith Johnson
  • Matt Milliner
  • Christina Bieber Lake
  • Junias Venugopal

Additionally, Dr. Ed Stetzer, Dean and Alan Hawkins, ACNA Chief Operating Officer, will teach on Leadership.

In this modular program of online and in-person courses, you will network and work alongside like-minded students in your cohort, and you will be empowered to infuse classroom knowledge and insights back into your ministry team. Thanks to the flexible learning format, you can do all this while continuing in church leadership.

Ready to enroll? Contact Heather Matthews at heather.matthews@wheaton.edu to learn more, check out our admission requirements, or begin your application today!