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Billy Graham Scholarship Program

Billy Graham side view  The Billy Graham Scholarship Program is honored to be named for Dr. William Franklin Graham, Jr. (Billy Graham), November 7, 1918 - February 21, 2018, whose passing we mourn and whose legacy we honor.

Worldwide evangelism and missions continues through the over 1000 Billy Graham scholars who have been trained at Wheaton College Graduate School and will extend as more scholars graduate every year to impact the world “for Christ and His Kingdom”

More than just a scholarship, the Billy Graham Scholarship Program strives to be a ministry partner, assisting Christian ministry leaders in obtaining their masters degree at the Wheaton College Graduate School.

Visit the Wheaton College Billy Graham Memorial Page.

We are dedicated to advancing the global Christian community by providing opportunities for different types of Christian leaders from around the world to earn advanced training to enhance the ministry into which God has called them.

It is our hope that one of our awards can help you pursue your dream of obtaining a more advanced education.

Scholarships Available

Billy Graham Scholar Stories

Discover the stories of graduates serving Christ around the world with the help of Billy Graham scholarships.