Loan Forgiveness

Fulfill the requirements of ministry and regular reporting.

Managing Your Loan

As you know, the intent of the BG Scholarship is to train Christian leaders for further ministry.  You are expected to return to full-time Christian ministry as soon as possible following graduation from Wheaton.  For Pre-field Missionary Candidates, you are expected to deploy overseas as soon as possible.  We automatically give every graduate a grace period of nine months.  Loan forgiveness is earned at the rate of 1 year of service = 25% loan forgiveness.

Wheaton College is the lender for your BG loan/scholarship; however, we started utilizing a company called University Accounting Service (UAS) beginning in the fall of 2017 as the billing servicer. To view your account directly with UAS, you can go to the UAS website. You can also make inquiries directly with UAS. At Wheaton College Graduate School, please direct any questions about loan specifics to Brad Garling, Student Financial Services (

Please complete the loan exit counseling around the time of your graduation.

Ask your ministry supervisor to complete a Status Update Form on your behalf for events such as:

  • date of return to ministry
  • deployment to ministry for the first time
  • delay in returning or beginning ministry
  • completion of 12 months of service
  • enrollment into another degree program
  • other life events that may affect being on the field or the ability to continue payments