Billy Graham Scholarship/Loan

These scholarships are intended for graduate students preparing to obtain a Master's Degree in order to serve in international ministry or in urban ministry in North America. For each year that a graduated student serves in the field of ministry, 25% of the loan is forgiven. Please visit The Billy Graham Scholarship Program for more information about this loan/scholarship program.

Billy Graham Loan/Scholarships encompass a number of different funding sources and may be named accordingly (Smyth, Wessner, Hermann, etc.). Since these scholarships are actually loan/scholarships (if the conditions of the scholarship are not met, it becomes a loan), students are required to read disclosure information, sign a master promissory note, and complete exit counseling. The master promissory note is available to sign online for all except international students (they will sign a hard copy on campus). Students will be notified when the Master Promissory Note (MPN) is available to sign.

TILA (Truth in Lending Act) Disclosures 
Students will receive an email when they can access the disclosures. This is part of receiving this loan.

E-Sign MPN Billy Graham Loan/Scholarship

Loan Counseling

Exit Counseling

Exit counseling for these loans must be done when the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment.

To fulfill counseling requirements for this loan please visit Exit Counseling