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Donate to the Billy Graham Scholarship Program

"I would like to express my deep appreciation for the Billy Graham Scholarship Program and for all of you who work to make it possible. Attending Wheaton and receiving the training provided by the Biblical Exegesis MA has equipped and empowered me for my ministry. The training I have received directly blesses those that I serve. Thank you!

I applied for both the Exegesis MA program and the Billy Graham Scholarship. Knowing the competitive nature of the program, I did not expect to be admitted, let alone receive the scholarship. Yet, God saw fit to do otherwise. Even now looking back, I wonder at the risk that the Billy Graham Center took in awarding me the scholarship. What guarantee did you have that I would be a good steward of this gift? It is this trust in part that motivates me to carry through with the work of Bible translation. 

I work in a limited access country serving a minority ethnic group through language development and Bible translation. The project work began two years ago when we developed curriculum for and opened three mother tongue preschools. Currently, we are desiring to initiate a Scripture translation component of our work. Pray with us that God would create this possibility in a truly impossible situation." - Pre-field Missionary serving in the Middle East

Give financially

Help us take a risk on more high-potential students:

  • Pre-field Missionary Candidate
    Give to the Adolph and Emma Hermann  Endowment
  • International Christian Leader
    Give to the Rev. Wayne I Wessner Endowment 
  • International Missionary
    Give to the Donald E. and Martha Hoke Endowment
  • North American Missionary
    Give to the Walter and Ethel Smyth Endowment
  • Urban/Ethnic Ministry Worker
    Give to the Kenneth T. Wessner Endowment
  • BG Scholars' Special Needs Fund for emergency expenses

Just go to "make a gift" and follow these steps: 

  • Choose a one-time or recurring gift
  • Select "Give to area(s) of your choice"
  • Check "Scholarships", then "continue" 
  • In the "gift comment" box, type in the name of the endowment/fund listed above to which you wish to donate
  • Complete the rest of the form (payments may be made with a credit card)

If you have a question about funds, please contact the Billy Graham Scholarship Program Office.