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Donate to the Billy Graham Scholarship Program

Contribute to keep growing the Billy Graham Scholarship Program.

Give financially

Thank you for considering a donation to increase our ability to scholarship the following:

  • International Christian Leader
    Give to the Rev. Wayne I Wessner Endowment 
  • International Furloughing Missionary
    Give to the Donald E. and Martha Hoke Endowment
  • North American Furloughing Missionary
    Give to the Walter and Ethel Smyth Endowment
  • Pre-field Missionary Candidate
    Give to the Adolph and Emma Hermann  Endowment
  • Urban/Ethnic Ministry Worker
    Give to the Kenneth T. Wessner Endowment
  • BG Scholars' Special Needs Fund for emergency expenses

Just go to "make a gift" and follow these steps: 

  • Choose a one-time or recurring gift
  • Select "Give to area(s) of your choice"
  • Check "Scholarships", then "continue" 
  • In the "gift comment" box, type in the name of the endowment/fund listed above to which you wish to donate
  • Complete the rest of the form (payments may be made with a credit card)

If you have a question about funds, please contact the Billy Graham Scholarship Program Office.