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Billy Graham Scholarship Categories

Scholarships are for those ALREADY in ministry for at least two years with the exception of the pre-field missionary candidate award.

The Billy Graham Scholarship Program (BGSP) provides five different awards to specific types of Christian leaders to attend Wheaton College Graduate School for more advanced training.


  • Awards are loan/scholarships. Loan forgiveness is "earned" by full-time Christian overseas ministry following graduation.  If the recipient does NOT return to or proceed overseas for ministry, he/she must repay the loan amount including interest. The exception is the Urban/Ethnic Ministry recipient, who must return to full-time Christian ministry in a qualified setting in North America.
  • The BGSP supports all M.A. programs at the Wheaton Graduate School. Certificate programs are NOT included.
  • The original donors' intent is NOT to support master's study as preliminary to a doctoral program nor to support doctoral studies, or to pay for additional time for licensure or optional theses.
  • All applicants must have at least two years of full-time Christian ministry experience to qualify. The exception is the Pre-Field Missionary Candidate.
  • Applications are NOT on this website, eligibility must first be determined by completing a preliminary eligibility form. This is found on each scholarship description page.

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