International Missionary Scholarship


  • Non-North American (U.S. & Canada) citizenship
  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college/university or equivalent (BA degree)
  • Completion of at least two years of service as a career missionary outside the home country
  • Affiliation with a recognized mission organization or denomination which will endorse the student's study plan
  • Commitment to return to ministry at the completion of MA studies
  • Healthcare workers: Medical missionaries who are professionally active and meet the above requirements also may be eligible for this award.

Award Details

  • Full-tuition for a M.A. program at Wheaton College Graduate School.
  • Loan/scholarship.  For each year the recipient serves in his/her ministry cross-culturally after completion of MA studies, 25% of the loan is forgiven and becomes a scholarship.  If the recipient does not return to overseas ministry, the amount of funding that was provided, as well as interest, must be repaid. 

Application Details

  • The application window opens July 1 and applications must be completed by December 1 the year prior to matriculation and awarding.
  • A complete scholarship application includes the 1) preliminary eligibility form, 2) application form, 3) primary reference, and 4) secondary reference.
  • Submit a Preliminary Eligibility Form or update your earlier one within your admissions portal.
  •  If you are considered eligible, you will proceed to the application.
  • Complete files of candidates who meet the requirements for this award and who are accepted into the Wheaton Graduate School are reviewed and evaluated in late February.
  • Those selected for awards receive immediate notification.
  • Scholarship applications and Graduate School admission should proceed at the same time. Materials are not interchangeable.
Billy Graham Scholarship - Preliminary Eligibility Form

Before you can apply, you must first submit a Preliminary Eligibility Form to our office. This form is not an application form. It is a screening tool designed to help us determine if you are eligible to apply for a BG Scholarship.