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Meet Our Scholars

Our 2020 Scholars

International Christian Leaders

Madhu photoMadhu - India - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Jane McNally Scholarship, John E. & Mary C. Jaderquist Graduate School Scholarship

Madhu serves women and girls in Kolkata who are rescued from sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. After the clinical training at Wheaton, she anticipates being better equipped for this ministry, training local care providers, and contributing to see social services work for the poor in her country.

George Blamoh - Liberia - Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership 

Clarence & Elizabeth Wyngarden Scholarship, Ketch Family Nehemiah Fund

George is the Country Director for Association for Life of Africa. In the face of 14 years of civil war, Ebola, poverty, and fatherlessness, George’s “passion is to develop leaders and communities for effective change.” He started the program this summer and will study part-time.

Samuel Ezewudo - Nigeria - Ministry Leadership

W. Lloyd & Helen Fesmire Scholarship

Samuel is a parish priest of a large Anglican church. He also serves on the board of the diocesan school and as archdeacon for seven churches. Samuel is desirous of growing in his own discipleship and leadership capacities in order to raise the next generation in greater obedience. Samuel will study through distant learning to remain with his family of five children.

Gustavo Ochoa - Ecuador - Biblical Exegesis

P. Kenneth & Catharine Gieser Scholarship, Elizabeth H. Lecker Fund

While working in Egypt, Gustavo was challenged by the devotion of a Muslim believer. This led him to enroll in seminary and at graduation was invited to teach. He taught for six years at the oldest Biblical Seminary in Ecuador, Seminario Biblico Alianza. He is currently director of the Academia de Predicación Qohelet (a preaching academy). Biblical exegesis training will greatly enhance his teaching and training ministry.

LilianaLiliana Astrid Ramos Rodriguez - Colombia - Biblical Exegesis

Henry C. Thiessen Scholarship, Ruth C. Sawyer Fund

Lili’s biblical & theological teaching and leadership contributions intersect between the Medellin Ministerial Institute associated with the University Foundation Biblical Seminary of Colombia, the Langham local preacher’s group and the Movimento Misionero Mundial church denomination. With this Wheaton education, she’ll be even more equipped to teach with skill and contextualize lessons for and from Latin America.

Regina - Singapore - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Rev. Wayne I. Wessner Scholarship

Regina works as Director of Homeless Ministry which operates a restorative home in the red-light district in inner-city Singapore. She is eager for this faith-integrated clinical training at Wheaton so that she can provide professional help with complex mental health issues and serve clients with various worldviews.

International Missionary

Rebecca with young manRebecca Adu-Boahene - Ghana to Eswatini (Swaziland) - Outdoor & Adventure Leadership

Norman H. & Mabel A. Cook Scholarship, Bejamin Allen Peays Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca is the Country Director for the ministry branch of Teens Aloud Foundation. Rebecca is excited about getting more training in a multicultural environment that will allow her to “design biblically-sound, holistic programs that facilitate spiritual growth in young people.”

Cross-cultural Worker

K.S. - Jordan - Biblical Studies 

Walter H. & Ethyl H. Smyth Scholarship, Peter R. & Marjorie A. Joshua Fund

K. pioneers an urban farming work in a water-scarce region of the world. His studies at Wheaton will give him more tools as he builds relationships, brings living water to meet spiritual heart needs, and nurtures the growing Church in the region.

Cross-cultural Workers in Preparation

S.F. - Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership

Adolph & Emma Hermann Scholarship

S. has developed technical skills in website and User Experience (UX) design and is also fervent about education as a means of empowerment. Her goal is to work for an evangelical Christian humanitarian organization in a refugee camp or field office in cross-cultural leadership.

Mary JaneMary-Jane - Biblical Exegesis

Adolph & Emma Hermann Scholarship

Mary-Jane is a trained nurse who has developed a hunger to help others see the beauty of God revealed in the Word. She envisions combining health and biblical education to “help vulnerable people understand and take ownership of their physical and spiritual health.”

Urban/Ethnic Ministry Workers

Ernesto Alaniz - U.S. - Evangelism & Leadership

Kenneth T. Wessner Scholarship

God rescued Ernesto from anger and cynicism, an event he is still “recovering from”. Ernesto is a front-line pastor serving the people in the city of Flint, Michigan. He is looking for this program to provide more wisdom into reaching the city and training up leaders.

Thomas Clark IV - U.S. - Missional Church Movements

Kenneth T. Wessner Scholarship

Thomas pastors in the Bellwood/Lawndale area of Chicago. He has witnessed violence decrease in areas where the Church moves in. The need for true discipleship has impacted Thomas recently and he is eager to learn more ways to disciple and mentor leaders