VOIP Phones

Phone System Maintenance

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Starting at 10:00 PM on Sunday, February 25, we will be performing maintenance on our phone system. During this time, calls may be routed differently, but we do not expect any service disruption. Read More

Changes to Voicemail Settings

Tags: VOIP Phones

Beginning on January 31, 2017, we will make two changes to voicemail accounts. These changes will prevent inboxes from overfilling and allow important messages to be archived more easily. Read More

Conference Now to Replace Meet-Me

Tags: Upgrades | VOIP Phones

Beginning January 3, 2017, Conference Now will replace Meet-Me as the College's conference calling service. Both Meet-Me and Conference Now are currently available while Meet-Me is phased out. Read More

Phone System Change to Allow Skype Calls

Tags: Upgrades | VOIP Phones

On November 3 from 10 to 11 PM, we will make a change to the configuration of the campus phone system. This change will allow campus phone numbers to receive calls from Skype. Read More

Changes to Jabber

Tags: VOIP Phones | Maintenance

In order to use our resources more effectively, we will make some changes to the Jabber configuration on some College-owned computers over the summer months. Read More