Security Certificate Replacement for Campus Wireless

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On Monday, February 17 at 10 AM, we will replace the security certificate for WC-Internet. Replacing security certificates is a routine process where we re-certify every two years that the wireless network is safe and belongs to Wheaton College. Read More

Free Video Courses: Mobile Device Security

Tags: Security | ThunderCloud Services

We can all learn to use technology more responsibly on our smartphones and tablets. We recommend watching the course Cybersecurity Awareness: Mobile Device Security. Read More

You’re the Key to Keeping Data Secure

Tags: Security

In today’s unpredictable environment, filled with rapidly evolving cyber threats and advanced technologies, the best defense against cyberattacks at Wheaton College is you – our employees! Read More

Traveling with Technology this Summer

Tags: Security

As summer approaches, you may be making plans to travel with your family or for work. Travel, both local and international, introduces unique cybersecurity concerns. Read More

Disk Encryption for College-Owned Computers

Tags: Security

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance security and protect College data and student and employee personal information, we will be continuing to encrypt the hard drives of College-owned computers issued to employees with access to sensitive data. Read More