Take Steps to Protect Your Devices

Tags: Security | Updates

You may have seen recent news articles about two significant security flaws found in computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, known as Meltdown and Spectre. Learn what you can do to protect your devices. Read More

Don't Be a Billy: What NOT to do Online

Tags: Security | ThunderCloud Services

To learn how to keep your personal information safe, watch how Wheaton College students of the 1940s would have handled cybersecurity in the video “Don’t Be a Billy.” Read More

Revised Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Tags: Security | Updates

As of October 1, Wheaton College has officially adopted a reviewed and refined version of our Technology Acceptable Use Policy. This is a simplified version of the previous Acceptable Use Policy/Technology Terms and Conditions. Read More

Free Ice Cream!

Tags: Security | Training

Come to Lower Beamer on September 27 for free ice cream! Learn more about how to keep your personal information safe online. The table will be open from 9 AM through 7 PM, and we are offering a voucher for Sam’s ice cream for participants. Read More

Update Bradford Persistent Agent

Tags: Network | Security | Updates

On August 3, we are updating to the latest version of the Bradford Persistent Agent, which is our network access control client. Read More

Internet Browsers No Longer Supporting Java

Tags: Security | Updates

Due to security vulnerabilities, most internet browsers are no longer supporting Java virtual machine. As browsers continue to discontinue Java support, we are no longer automatically installing Java on College-owned computers. Read More

VPN Software Update

Tags: Network | Security | Updates

The College's virtual private network (VPN) software, GlobalProtect, will be updated on August 2. Read More

Firefox Update to Support Banner

Tags: Security

All College-owned Windows computers with Mozilla Firefox installed were updated to version 52 ESR May 15. This version is compatible with Banner, while maintaining security standards. Read More