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New Student Checklist 2019

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Welcome to Wheaton! Academic and Institutional Technology is looking forward to getting to know you and is available to assist you with any technology-related questions you might have. Before you come to campus, there are some things you should know. Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Internship with

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As summer approaches, you may be looking forward to beginning your new summer internship, and gaining hands-on experience in your field. ThunderCloud Training can assist you in gaining expertise that will enhance your internship experience. Read More

Free Video Courses: Mobile Device Security

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We can all learn to use technology more responsibly on our smartphones and tablets. We recommend watching the course Cybersecurity Awareness: Mobile Device Security. Read More

Enhance Your Organization with OneNote

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As we work to use institutional services for institutional business, we want to make you aware of Microsoft OneNote, which is a robust note-taking application. Read More

Learn Visio, Microsoft’s Powerful Diagramming Software

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Did you know that you have the ability to easily create complex diagrams? Whether you’re creating an organizational chart, mapping a business process, or drawing a floor plan, this ThunderCloud Training course will prepare you to use Visio 2016. Read More

Don't Be a Billy: What NOT to do Online

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To learn how to keep your personal information safe, watch how Wheaton College students of the 1940s would have handled cybersecurity in the video “Don’t Be a Billy.” Read More

Free Video Courses: Learn How To…

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We recommend “How to use,” a course focusing on how to navigate the site, explore the custom video player, and use advanced features such as creating video playlists and taking notes as you watch videos. Read More

Retiring Servers

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As part of our project to replace an outdated and inflexible system, we will permanently retire the Novell server Timothy on April 7. Read More

Improving Your Memory

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Does your memory sometimes fail you? Not sure how to remember a long list of dates or the 23 steps in your lab procedure? We're recommending the short ThunderCloud Training video course, "Improving Your Memory." Read More

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity

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Learning basic cybersecurity practices--or brushing up on what you already know--can help you stay safe and avoid the stress and time it takes to recover from compromised data. Read More

Department Files Moving to ThunderCloud Storage

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In order to replace an outdated and inflexible system, department files will be moving to ThunderCloud Storage group shares by the end of June 2017. You may know department files as your "S drive" or "department share." Read More