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Hello, Teams! A transition for video conferencing Effective Date: July 29, 2021 As we follow the Thunder, Stronger initiatives, one cost-saving effort is to stop paying for Zoom and start utilizing Microsoft Teams as the video conferencing solution for the entire campus.  Once our campus license expires in the fall, Zoom will become an unsupported tool. Key Benefits and Features Microsoft Teams provides comparable video conferencing across campus and for people outside our organization. Microsoft Teams comes at a cost savings for Wheaton College. Microsoft Teams is a robust platform that offers much more than simple video conferencing. Impact on College Community For those of you exclusively using Microsoft Teams for video conferencing at this point, there will be no action items for you.  But for those who are still using Zoom, there may be some action items for you: As training and informational materials are provided via email and in person, please keep an eye out for opportunities to dive into Teams. If you have any recurring meetings already set up in Zoom, you will want to update them to be Microsoft Teams meetings. In order to assist with the cost-savings efforts, Wheaton College credit cards will no longer be authorized to pay for Zoom. As a reminder, you should begin the habit of ensuring Microsoft Teams is running each day as you start work, so others in our organization can get a hold of you, as needed. We will also be sharing some “Netiquette” tips with you about how Wheaton College faculty and staff will use Teams well together. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Thu, 29 Jul 2021 13:23:00 GMT
209927 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/july-2021/classroom-computer-logins-are-changing/ <![CDATA[Classroom Computer Logins Are Changing]]>

Classroom Computer Logins Are Changing Effective Date: August 1, 2021 Over the summer AIT is making improvements to the way that faculty, staff, and students will log into classroom computers.  Going forward, you will log in with your NetID and password which will provide you with the best options and most flexibility.  Key Benefits and Features You will be able to take full advantage of the many Single-Sign-On options Wheaton has for apps like Office 365, Box, Schoology, and ThunderApps. The restrictions on right-clicking, volume control, and forced incognito browsing all go away. You can set up your content on the desktop with the expectation it will be there the next time. You won’t have to deal with other people’s browsing histories when you go to websites like YouTube. Impact on College Community In the past, the classroom computers were simply open and waiting for whoever entered the room.  You’ll now want to allow an extra minute to get logged in and situated on the classroom computer when you arrive.  Many of the apps you use work much better and more securely if you log in with your NetID and we believe this change will provide you with greater flexibility and increased security. Detailed information on how this will work can be found on the Wheaton Answers site for Classroom Logins. The classroom computers are being updated now and will be ready for classes by mid-August. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Wed, 28 Jul 2021 13:17:00 GMT
209468 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/july-2021/microsoft-defender-for-office/ <![CDATA[New Email Protection: Microsoft Defender for Office 365]]>

New Email Protection: Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Effective Date: July 20, 2021 On July 20, AIT will be migrating away from Proofpoint to begin using Microsoft Defender for Office 365 as our email protection platform.  This service allows us to detect and respond to advanced attacks, while effectively keeping you, your device, and data safe. Key Benefits and Features Replacing Proofpoint at a substantial cost savings while providing comparable email protection. Protecting employee email from phishing emails. Verifying links and attachments in emails to be sure they are not malicious. Helping reduce the number of unwanted emails you receive. Impact on College Community Many of you may not even notice this change.  However, you will no longer be receiving an Email Quarantine Digest from the AIT Service Desk.  AIT will be moving your block-listed and safe-listed senders into Defender for Office 365.  But you should be ready to help the system’s machine learning, meaning that the system will learn from your indication of which types of messages are spam and which are not. This means, when a spam or phishing message comes in, you may need to actively mark it as spam or phish. Follow this quick guide to learn how to help Defender for Office 365 learn your preferences and better protect your mailbox.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).  ]]>
Fri, 16 Jul 2021 10:30:00 GMT
209366 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/july-2021/introducing-eduroam-wireless-network/ <![CDATA[Introducing eduroam wireless network]]>

Introducing eduroam wireless network Effective Date: July 20, 2021 On July 20, AIT will enable a new wireless network called “eduroam.”  This is a worldwide federated wireless network that allows people to use their home institution credentials to securely connect to the wireless network at participating institutions and organizations. This will soon become the preferred wireless network for all Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students when they are on campus.  Key Benefits and Features Connecting to eduroam at Wheaton College will allow your device to automatically connect to the secure eduroam wireless network when visiting participating eduroam institutions. Similarly, visitors to the Wheaton campus from those institutions can use their home institution credentials to securely connect to our eduroam wireless network. Increased security across our wireless network. Impact on College Community The next time you register a WiFi device on campus we encourage you to connect to eduroam rather than WC-Internet.  Use your Wheaton email address rather than your NetID for the username. By the end of September, we will turn off WC-Internet so that all devices will use eduroam.  (There are some exceptions—certain devices, such as gaming devices, can still use WC-Manual.) More to come soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Wed, 14 Jul 2021 14:51:00 GMT
209158 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/july-2021/changes-to-registering-new-devices-on-the-network/ <![CDATA[Changes to Registering New Devices on the Network]]>

Changes to Registering New Devices on the Network Effective Date: July 14, 2021 On July 14, AIT will be making a change to the way that new devices are registered on our wireless network.  Although this will have no impact on any devices you have already registered, it will matter the next time you register a device. Key Benefits and Features Making registration for a new device even simpler Preparing the campus for a new wireless network called “eduroam.” More to come later about eduroam! Impact on College Community Many of you may not notice this change.  But the next time you register a device (for example, if you bring a new mobile device to campus and connect to our wireless network) you will need to use your @wheaton.edu email address as your Username instead of using your NetID. (Students will use their @my.wheaton.edu email address as their Username.) There is no action required for devices that are already registered on the network. You can read more about how to register devices on Wheaton College’s wireless network here. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Mon, 12 Jul 2021 14:17:00 GMT
209152 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/june-2021/microsoft-teams-platform-/ <![CDATA[Microsoft Teams Platform ]]>

Microsoft Teams Platform In order to facilitate effective communication across campus as we move to our new phone and communication system, all employees are required to be logged in to Microsoft Teams.  Once you’ve logged in for the first time, Microsoft Teams will remember you and automatically log you in each day! Just as our email communication is unified in Microsoft Outlook, our chat, phone and conferencing will be unified in Teams.  How can you be sure Teams is running?   On a PC, click the small “up” arrow (caret) in the bottom right of your screen and then look for Microsoft Teams logo. Mac users can open it from Applications.  If you can't find it, click on top right-hand corner (magnifying glass) and search for it.  The last day that Wheaton College will be using Zoom as a video conferencing platform will be Wednesday, June 30.  Beginning on July 1, 2021, all Wheaton College video conferencing business will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.    Key Benefits and Features  Streamlining communication among our faculty and staff as each employee will be easier to reach via Microsoft Teams.  Providing a consistent platform for all of campus to use for our video conferencing needs.  No need to transition back and forth between video conferencing systems going forward.  Microsoft Teams provides HIPAA-compliant storage for recordings.  Employees will be able to see at a glance when their colleagues are free or busy, which will simplify quick communication.  Sometimes a phone call is not needed, and a simple chat can solve a problem without the back-and-forth of an email string.  Improved collaboration tools for file sharing, chatting, and notes during meetings.  Impact on College Community  You should begin the habit of “launching” Microsoft Teams each morning if you are not doing so already.  On a PC, this will be found by clicking on the small “up” arrow (caret) in the bottom right of your screen and then clicking on the purple “T” of the Microsoft Teams logo. For Mac users, open it from your applications.  If you can't find it, click on top right-hand corner (magnifying glass) and search for it.  There are Teams settings to “Auto-start application” and “Open application in background.” You are able to set those once and then not have to manually open every day.  Special note: Once you have logged into Microsoft Teams for the first time, it will always be running in the background unless you “quit.”  You do not need to login to it each day, or to “open” it or “launch” it, since it will still be running even if you can’t see it.  For simplicity of phrases, we’re using the words “open” or “launch” in quotations. What we mean is that you will begin utilizing the Microsoft Teams interface.  A modest amount of additional training is needed to use Teams in a HIPAA-compliant way. Please contact the AIT Service Desk if you do any tele-health or tele-counseling. We can point you in the right direction.  We will have more information soon to share about “netiquette” for using Microsoft Teams and what the expectations are for faculty and staff as we use this platform.  Keep an eye out for that!  You can learn more about Microsoft Teams from our Answers articles.  You can also find tons of short recordings on LinkedIn Learning that may help.  Additionally, we will be offering some live trainings soon.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   You are also welcome to reach out to your MIOT rep at any time.    ]]>
Wed, 30 Jun 2021 11:25:00 GMT
207864 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/june-2021/user-interface-update-for-box/ <![CDATA[User Interface Update for Box]]>

User Interface Update for Box Effective Date: June 30, 2021 On June 30, Box is updating the user interface for all users.  Although you should not notice much of a change, we wanted you to be aware that this was happening. Below is a screen shot of the current version’s user interface. And then a screen shot of the updated version. Key Benefits and Features Keeping our Box services up-to-date. Adding a “Collection” feature for those who are interested. Impact on College Community Many of you may not notice this change.  But you are welcome to learn more by doing one of the following: Checking out the support article introducing the new Box UI/Collections Reading the Collections FAQ If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:17:00 GMT
207561 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/june-2021/wi-fi-6-to-improve-campus-wi-fi-performance/ <![CDATA[Wi-Fi 6 to improve campus Wi-Fi performance]]>

Wi-Fi 6 to improve campus Wi-Fi performance Effective Date: June 15, 2021 On Tuesday, June 15, AIT will enable Wi-Fi 6 (aka 802.11ax) to improve performance and capacity of the campus wireless network infrastructure. Wi-Fi 6 offers significant increases in throughput, even for older devices that only support Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) and can accommodate more devices simultaneously in congested areas of campus. Key Benefits and Features Faster wireless connection for devices that support Wi-Fi 6 Accommodation of more devices simultaneously in congested areas of campus. Impact on College Community There’s the possibility that you will need to re-connect to Wi-Fi after we make this change. On Tuesday morning, check to be sure that you’re connected to the Wheaton College Wi-Fi. If you experience any issues, please contact the AIT Service Desk at 630-752-4357. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Mon, 14 Jun 2021 08:11:00 GMT
204618 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/vpn-software-update/ <![CDATA[VPN Software Update]]>

VPN Software Update Effective Date: April 27, 2021 GlobalProtect establishes a secure connection to Wheaton College resources from off-campus. If you are working from home now, remember to log into VPN at the beginning of each workday.  The College's virtual private network (VPN) software, GlobalProtect, will be updated on April 27, 2021.  If you already use GlobalProtect to establish a VPN connection, you will be prompted to update this software the next time you connect. Key Benefits and Features This GlobalProtect (VPN) software update provides: Bug fixes that resolve issues for both Windows and macOS computers Improved security Feature enhancements Impact on College Community If you use GlobalProtect to establish a VPN connection to the campus network, you will be prompted to update this software the next time you connect after April 27, 2021. The update will install automatically after you select "Yes." After this update, you will be able to connect using VPN as before.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).  ]]>
Tue, 20 Apr 2021 14:23:00 GMT
204540 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/changes-coming-to-wheaton-college-cybersecurity/ <![CDATA[Changes Coming to Wheaton College Cybersecurity]]>

Changes Coming to Wheaton College Cybersecurity Effective Date: April 22, 2021 To better protect our campus community, we are making several behind-the-scenes security changes on April 21, 2021.  Special note: if you are working remotely, be sure to log into Global Protect VPN and stay logged in all day on Thursday, April 22, so these changes will get through to your device.  AIT will be improving security by doing the following: Changing the antivirus software on Wheaton College computers by removing Malwarebytes and deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (for Windows and Mac users) Requiring that you enter your NetID and password to install software (we're installing a 2021 Windows Security Policy) Pushing an operating system upgrade to Windows 10 users by deploying Windows 10 20H2 (those affected by this change should receive an email about it) That’s a lot of changes, so let’s break it down. First of all, as part of the Microsoft Investment Optimization project, we’re looking to better steward our resources by utilizing more of what Microsoft offers (since we’re already paying for Microsoft).  Going forward we will use Microsoft Defender in place of Malwarebytes to protect our college computers.  This change should take place in the background and there is a good chance you will not even notice it has happened.  Secondly, we’re deploying a 2021 Windows Security Policy.  We were encouraged to make this change when User Access Control came up as a concern in our latest Cybersecurity Risk Assessment with our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), GreyCastle Security. Going forward, whenever you want to install a program or update software on your Wheaton College-owned machine, you will receive a prompt asking for your NetID and password.  An example might be installing Adobe Acrobat Reader or Zotero.  Now, instead of just clicking a “yes” button, the prompt for your NetID and password will act as another security step.  By requiring your credentials, we’ll be able to confirm that you are acting as the Administrator on your own device. This will affect local administrator accounts on Windows computers.  This will not cause any changes to classroom computers.  Please note that this is not taking any privileges away from you as the “primary user” of the device.  You will still be able to install programs and update software.  This is simply making it more difficult for a hacker to gain access to your computer.  Lastly, we’re deploying Windows 10 20H2.  We regularly deploy Windows updates, so this is a common occurrence for us.  Your computer may ask you to restart, but that will likely be the only change you notice for this. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 10:38:00 GMT
204511 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/alertus-desktop-application-upgrade/ <![CDATA[Alertus Desktop Application Upgrade]]>

Alertus Desktop Application Upgrade Effective Date: April 16, 2021 On Friday, Academic and Institutional Technology will be doing a behind-the-scenes upgrade to the Alertus Desktop application.  This is the system that sends emergency alerts such as weather alerts or active shooter drills.  If you are off campus you will need to make sure you are connected to campus through the VPN. Key Benefits and Features Keeping our emergency alert system up-to-date. Fixing some issues we have experienced lately. Impact on College Community You should not notice any change.  Do make sure you connect via VPN on Friday, though, if you are working from off-campus. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).   ]]>
Wed, 14 Apr 2021 15:35:59 GMT
204159 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/annual-cybersecurity-training/ <![CDATA[Annual Cybersecurity Training]]>

Annual Cybersecurity Training Each year all faculty and staff are required to complete cybersecurity training.  This year the training will take place between March 22-April 9.  If you haven’t finished it yet, take some time today to do so. Thanks to some helpful feedback, we have turned off all the optional modules, so when you get into the training you will only see the eight required modules.  Once you finish the module called “Conclusion,” you are done!  It should take you between 30-45 minutes to complete.  Please reference the email you received on Monday, March 22nd from the AIT Service Desk for the information to access the training.  You can read all about it here and here. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:38:00 GMT
204158 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/setting-up-automatic-replies/ <![CDATA[Setting Up Automatic Replies]]>

Will you be out of the office for a day or two?  Set up an Automatic Reply! One great way to help your colleagues is by turning on your automatic replies when you’re going to be out of the office for a day or more.  It doesn’t take long to set up an automatic reply, and it is a great courtesy to anyone trying to reach you. Check out this Wheaton Answers article for links to short LinkedIn Learning videos teaching you how to set up automatic replies. Pro tip: The automatic replies default to be in 8-point font (which is VERY SMALL.)  It would be helpful to take a moment to change that to size 11 or 12.  Another handy feature of the automatic replies in Outlook is that they’re automatically connected to Microsoft Teams.  That means that if someone looks you up in Microsoft Teams to see if you’re available, they will be shown the notification that you are out of office.  If you have questions about any of these technologies we provide, please contact the AIT Service Desk at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:37:00 GMT
204157 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/videoconferencing-on-microsoft-teams/ <![CDATA[Videoconferencing on Microsoft Teams!]]>

Videoconferencing on Microsoft Teams! We are so thankful for the option we have to use Microsoft Teams as our enterprise solution for video conferencing!  Teams has come a long way in the last few years, and we are pleased with the service it provides. Now is the time to switch over to using Microsoft Teams for all of your video conferencing needs.  We, as an institution, will be discontinuing the use of Zoom going forward.  One of the reasons for this change is that some devices struggle when trying to support two competing kinds of software.  Some people on our campus have experienced issues where it is challenging to switch from one software to the other (suddenly the audio isn’t in their headphones anymore, or the camera isn’t recognized—little glitches like that).  Our hope is that using Microsoft Teams exclusively will help to mitigate those issues. In addition, we will be able to recoup some savings by making this change.  This is all part of our larger Microsoft Investment Optimization work.  You can read more about that here. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:36:00 GMT
204156 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/were-looking-for-your-feedback/ <![CDATA[We’re Looking for Your Feedback!]]>

We’re Looking for Your Feedback! We have a lot of technology changes heading our way!  We know that technology changes can be a challenge and we want to be sure to hear from you regarding your questions and concerns about our new technology or about the technology we’re sunsetting.  You can read more about the changes coming here.  Keep an eye out for an email requesting your feedback in a short survey.  In addition, you can always contact the AIT Service Desk (630-752-4357) so we can track the feedback we receive and consider your concerns in our decision making. Here is the link to the survey.  It will be accepting responses until the end of the day on Friday, April 23. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:35:00 GMT
204155 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/introducing-miot/ <![CDATA[Introducing MIOT]]>

Introducing MIOT To simplify our technology ecosystem and maximize the value of software products we are already paying for, we need to retire some of our existing systems and make full use of other features in the Microsoft O365 suite of products. We have put together the Microsoft 365 Investment Optimization Team (MIOT) to help us identify and respond to major issues and concerns, so that we can have a successful transition. Specifically, we will be:  Moving from our Cisco Voice-over-IP telephone system to the Microsoft Teams communication platform by June 2021. Many of us have experienced how effective these software-enabled communication services can be. As part of this transition, we will also review where we need to keep on-desk telephones. Replacing Proofpoint and Malwarebytes with Microsoft Defender by the end of this fiscal year. Your email and computers will continue to be protected, just with different software. Expanding the use of the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform to replace paid Zoom licenses on campus. Gartner has determined that Microsoft Teams is rapidly catching up and, in some cases, surpassing Zoom functionality. This transition will be completed by the end of June 2021.  Moving the my.wheaton.edu student account domain from Google to Microsoft O365 (the same environment faculty and staff use). This transition date has yet to be determined.  Retiring Box in favor of Microsoft OneDrive by June 2022. We will work with MIOT to develop a data transfer plan as the date approaches, so please continue to use Box as you normally would until announced otherwise. Over the next few months MIOT will:   Work to learn the major features and functionality of each tool. Compare those features and functions to our current solution. Identify ways to transition to the new solution.  Recognize, document, and communicate areas where services will be different or unavailable.  Serve as subject matter experts within their realm of influence throughout the transition process.  Advise AIT on how to effectively facilitate this transition. The members of MIOT will test the new technology, watch training videos, research other colleges’ best practices, review communication and training materials, and communicate important information within their realms of influence as it becomes available.  Below is the list of MIOT members.  Feel free to reach out to any of them with questions, concerns, or ideas. In addition, you can always contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP). ]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:33:00 GMT
204154 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/hello-soft-phones/ <![CDATA[Hello, Soft Phones! ]]>

Hello, Soft Phones! In our last Technology Review we included advice for how to clean your desk phone during COVID-19.  Now we have more information about desk phones: as we’re moving to use Microsoft Teams for our phone and video conferencing needs, we will be transitioning to using soft phones (aka using your computer as a phone) and retiring many of the desk phones on campus.  This transition will be happening at the end of this fiscal year, June 30, 2021. Not only will it be more convenient to have all of your video conferencing and phone tools in one place (particularly for those of you working remotely), but this will also save our institution a significant amount of money—no small thing in these challenging financial times! You may have some questions about that process, and though we don’t know all the answers yet, here are few tidbits. Q: Will I lose my current phone number/phone extension? A: No!  You will retain your current phone number/phone extension and people from within our campus or from outside will be able to still dial that number and reach you. Q: What if I use my desk phone to manage multiple phone lines and utilize advanced features and therefore can’t afford to lose it? A: Work with your manager to make sure that he/she knows that, and AIT can work with you to keep your phone. Q: If I don’t have a desk phone, how will I call someone who doesn’t do video conferencing? A: Although this feature is not enabled yet, soon you will be able to use Microsoft Teams as a phone.  It will be available in the “Calls” tab. We’ll have more information to share as the project moves along.  As always, if you have any questions you can contact us by email at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 15:32:00 GMT
204153 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/hdi-course-meets-quality-matter-standards/ <![CDATA[HDI Course Meets Quality Matter Standards]]>

HDI Course Meets Quality Matter Standards On March 14, 2021, HDI 624: Refugee & Forced Migration Issues earned the Quality Matters (QM) Certification Mark following a rigorous review process. The QM Certification Mark is the internationally recognized symbol of online and blended course design quality and represents Wheaton College’s ongoing commitment to creating learning environments that provide students with a clear pathway to success. The certification is the result of Wheaton’s dedication to continuous improvement, including innovative work done by those involved. The course is now listed on the QM directory of certified courses. Shari Lendy, Instructional Developer for Academic and Scholarly Technology, said, “Not only did we pass (the certification), but with the help of Kent Annan and the HDI group, we scored a 100!”  Chief Information and Campus Services Officer, Wendy Woodward, shared, “This is fantastic! To have a Wheaton developed online course be certified by Quality Matters course shows that it can be done. It’s exciting to have HDI lead by developing their course in accordance with these best practices.”  Provost Karen Lee agreed and added, “This is an excellent indicator of quality for our online academic curriculum.”  Kent Annan, Director of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership said he was “very grateful to partner with Steve (Park) and Shari (Lendy) on this,” and added thanks to Shari for all her hard, insightful work leading and guiding the review process.  He went on to say it was “helpful for us to improve this course that we had created, and also to learn for making our other HDL courses better – in ways that can also hopefully contribute college wide.” Congratulations to HDI for this great achievement! If you are interested in having a course reviewed by Quality Matters, please reach out to the AIT Service Desk to get the process started. The QM Official Review provided independent validation of the quality, learner-focused course design found in HDI 624: Refugee & Forced Migration Issues. Reviews are conducted by QM-Certified Reviewers and use the Quality Matters Rubric and associated Standards, which are based on research and best practices. A course earns the QM Certification Mark once it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all Essential Standards.  About Quality Matters Quality Matters (QM) is the global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. It provides a scalable quality assurance system for online and blended learning used within and across organizations. When you see QM Certification Marks on courses or programs, it means they have met QM Course Design Standards or QM Program Review Criteria in a rigorous review process. If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
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204152 http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/services/academic-and-institutional-technology/about-us/new-and-changing/archive/2021/april-2021/are-you-being-cybersecure/ <![CDATA[Are you Being Cybersecure?]]>

Are you Being Cybersecure? Right now all Wheaton College faculty and staff are doing their annual cybersecurity training.  Although we don’t currently have a requirement for student cybersecurity training, now is a great time to think through some of the main things you should know to be cybersecure. Ask yourself some of these questions: Do you recognize phishing scams when you see them? Could you describe a phishing email to someone else? Do you use different passwords for all of your social media sites? Do you make sure not to use any of the most frequently used passwords in America (e.g. “password” or “123456”)? Are you careful to never share your passwords with other people? If you can answer “Yes!” to all five questions you are off to a good start!  You can learn more about cybersecurity at Wheaton College here.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
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Take Advantage of LinkedIn Learning! Don’t forget that as a Wheaton College student you have unlimited access to a wide variety of presentations in LinkedIn Learning.  You may want to take a look at the course Writing in Plain English and see if any of the modules look like they might be helpful.  Or this course in Information Literacy might spark some ideas to help you with your next research paper. (You'll need to login with your Wheaton College email address and password.  If you have any questions, please contact us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).]]>
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