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updated 02/2024

System Status

Click here to see what's running properly and what's having trouble right now. If you are experiencing trouble with a service that's listed as running normally, or isn't listed here at all, please contact us, call 630.752.4357 (HELP).

AIT Resources

Oracle HCM (Human Resources), Oracle ERP & EPM (Finance)

Our Banner systems have been replaced by Oracle for three business functions at the College – human resources management, along with budget and finance management. The systems are live and currently in the stabilization phase.   

Orientation Sessions, Trainings, Tutorials, FAQ’s (see Oracle Implementation Updates page)

Questions? Send an email to 

Beginning on Friday, February 9th, we will be implementing "External Email Banners" in our email system for faculty and staffThe new banner will be prominently displayed at the top of each external email, making it easier for you to identify emails that originate from outside Wheaton College. Below is an example: 

Example of email received from CDW Supplier with a yellow banner just below the email address. The banner includes the text: EXTERNAL MESSAGE: Use caution with replies, links, an attachments.

A few key points:

  • This will not affect students with a email address; banners will only be activated for faculty and staff email accounts.
  • Email received in your inbox from a account will not be flagged as “external.”
  • FAQ’s are posted on Wheaton Answers here

What Do You Need to Do? 

  • Be Vigilant: If you see an External Email Banner, reassess the email, especially if it requests sensitive information or action, or appears to come from a colleague at Wheaton College. To learn more about Phishing, check out this video from our recent student Cybersecurity Video Contest. 
  • Report Suspicious Emails: If an email seems suspicious, report it to the AIT Service Desk immediately. The sooner we know, the sooner we can address it. Check out this Wheaton Answers article for more information on how to safely report a suspicious email.

Adding this layer of security will protect us further from Phishing and scam attempts while helping to prevent data leakage. Your role is crucial in supporting our collective goal of keeping Wheaton and employee systems and data safe. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in enhancing our email security. Contact the AIT Service Desk at or 630.752.4357(HELP) if you have any further questions.

The implementation of the Slate Admissoins Platform has significantly streamlined the admissions process for both prospective students and Wheaton College staff. As we expand our use of this platform, not only is cross-department collaboration becoming seamless, but so is counselor-to-student communication.  Our focus for the spring semester is on the following Slate projects: 

  • Financial Aid Award Letter  
  • Transcript Articulation
  • System Updates related to the changes on the 2024-2025 FAFSA

Please check out this Answers article for details on how to access Q-Classroom and how to navigate once you are logged in.

While we have been collecting student feedback forms online since 2004, QClassroom is our new tool for students to access and confidentially submit their feedback and provide a much more streamlined and efficient method for data collection and processing.  Please see the chart below for important dates:

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