Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Wheaton College uses Duo Security to provide two-factor authentication for faculty, staff, and students. Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to your accounts by requiring both a password and confirmation from a trusted device when you are attempting to log in.

Students, faculty, and staff are prompted to enroll in Duo the first time they sign in to their Wheaton Accounts. Duo can authenticate using the following methods:

  • Push notifications with Duo phone app (Preferred Method)
  • Duo token (for users who do not have a smart device that supports Duo).
  • SMS text message (employees only)
  • Phone call (employees only)

New Phone?

Follow this article to activate your device using Duo Self-Service.

Phone missing or damaged?

Contact the AIT Service Desk at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu or 630-752-4357.

Need help using Duo?

Refer to these instructional videos

Using Duo Push Duo Authentication Duo Mobile
Using Duo Mobile Passcode Duo Authentication Mobile Passcodes
Using Duo phone callback (employees only) Duo Authentication Phone Callback
Using SMS text messages (employees only) Duo Authentication SMS