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Learn how to keep your personal information safe and protect your devices.

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Microsoft Defender for O365 Email Protection Service

Microsoft Defender for O365 Email Protection Service is an AI-driven email filtering service. >>

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Avoiding Phishing Attempts

Phishing is when someone lies in order to obtain your personal information. Here's what to look out for. >>

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Three Simple Steps to Cybersecurity

Follow these basic rules to help protect your personal information and devices. >>

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Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity awareness training gives employees a working understanding of basic cybersecurity principles and precautions. >>

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Disk Encryption

Whole disk encryption adds another layer of protection for your data if your computer is lost or stolen. >>

Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-Step Login

Two-Step Login uses 2 methods of authentication to verify your account identity when you log in to your email. >>

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Protect Your Account

Make sure you're signed out of all single-sign on services. >>

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Cybersecurity Video Contest

Wheaton College students create short videos about cybersecurity for the chance to win prizes. >>

Protecting Our Information: Cybersecurity at Wheaton College