Enhance Your Organization with OneNote

Posted January 17, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: ThunderCloud Services

Enhance Your Organization with OneNote

As we work to use institutional services for institutional business, we want to make you aware of Microsoft OneNote, which is a robust note-taking application. OneNote comes installed on your College-owned machine as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

OneNote allows you to easily jot down and save your ideas, and cross-tag them for quick and simple recall. To learn important tips and tricks for using Microsoft OneNote, we recommend watching OneNote Tips and Tricks, a ThunderCloud Training course (powered by Lynda.com). The entire course is about 2 hours long, but you can also watch short videos for the sections that interest you. Topics include using shortcuts, password protecting notebook sections, and sharing notes in a Skype for Business meeting.

Remember, you can always save videos to a playlist to watch later and your place is automatically saved. Enjoy the flexibility to watch Lynda.com content anytime, anywhere with offline viewing options and mobile apps. After you watch a course, be sure to check out the suggested courses to see related videos as well as more advanced and in-depth options.

ThunderCloud Learning, powered by Lynda.com, is a leading online learning company that helps you learn skills from industry professionals in a self-paced, convenient format. Lynda.com provides over 5,900 professional on-demand video courses that teach valuable business, software, and life skills.

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