Banner 9 and Banner Revitalization

Posted January 9, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Banner 9 and Banner Revitalization

Starting December 31, 2018 our current version of Banner will no longer be supported by the vendor. In preparation for that, over the next year we will continue to transition from Banner 8 to Banner 9, which provides powerful new capabilities that have a fresh look and feel for the end user and provide automated workflow between business units. We will also be revitalizing the way that we currently use Banner in order to take advantage of the unique features it offers.

We have accomplished many things with the help of Strata Information Group (SIG), and highlights are listed below by area:


  • Turned on Lookup capability via self-services, which enables the team to find information quickly and efficiently
  • Started a project to launch CRM Advance, the latest web-based Advancement tool

Academic and Institutional Technology

  • Gained a deeper understanding of the Banner Modules from a technical perspective
  • Installed and configured Banner Workflow to support automation


  • Enabled staff to use automation processes available within Banner
  • Adopted a new procedure to manage Journal Entries using delivered Banner functionality, which reduced manual intervention
  • Restructured elements of the Chart of Accounts to simplify reporting

Financial Aid

  • Implemented period based budgeting to support unusual programs (typically graduate education) in a way previously unavailable

Human Resources

  • Implemented the new Employee Dashboard for Banner Self Service, making employee access to data more accessible
  • Cleaned up existing e-classes and retired obsolete e-classes to enable more accurate reporting
  • Created new Benefit categories (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) for Full and Part-Time employees, which enables improved tracking and reporting
  • Began configuring Auto Overtime, which will reduce manual intervention during payroll processing

Student Account Receivables

  • Enabled summer registration to be paperless, with correct billing rules
  • Created and established an automated Title IV refund process
  • Eliminated manual intervention for outstanding balances
  • Trained staff on how to manage deposits and run efficient reports for collections
  • Worked on creating new hold rules for accounts in collections


  • Discussed understanding modular students and other graduate programs. Additionally, discussed how to code students registered in low resident programs in Banner, which, once implemented, will enable most graduate students to register online.
  • Configured Faculty Grade Entry in Banner 9
  • Launched self-service Transcript requests for students, resulting in significant staff time savings

To learn more about our transition to Banner 9, visit this New and Changing article.