Don't Be a Data-Loser: Use Services Provided by Wheaton College for Your On-Campus Job

Posted March 12, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: Security

Don’t Be a Data-Loser: Use Services Provided by Wheaton College for Your On-Campus Job

As of October 1 2017, Wheaton College officially adopted a reviewed and refined version of our Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The purpose of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy is to clearly establish Wheaton College’s position relating to the acceptable use of its technology and your responsibility to protect our information resources. We’d like to highlight an important aspect of the policy that may need your attention.

Institutional Data must be stored in College-managed services 

We know that you are both students and on-campus employees, so this will look a little different for you. Things are a little more complex, as you need to wear different hats and different times on campus.

We provide a robust array of services for employees that comply with our security standards to protect and manage data. The following are examples of services that do not comply with our security standards and some acceptable alternatives:

Non-Wheaton College ServicesWheaton College Approved Services
Evernote for Institutional Data Microsoft OneNote
Personal Google Docs or Dropbox for College business ThunderCloud Storage, powered by Box
Your cellphone as the only storage for alumni or student contact information Banner, the College's Enterprise Data Management System

It is important not to use unsupported cloud services for grades, budgets, meeting notes, student or alumni contact information, and other private/restricted data. As employees, we have a responsibility to comply with FERPA and GLBA to protect other students, our alumni, and employees.

You are encouraged to use the non-Wheaton services of your choice for your personal business and schoolwork. Evernote can be used to take personal notes during class or keep to-do lists, and Google Docs are recommended for you in-class work and work with peers. 

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in keeping Wheaton College’s data secure as you work on campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AIT Service desk by email or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).