Free Printing for Students

Posted March 12, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Free Printing for Students

Student Government, in partnership with Academic and Institutional Technology, is launching a pilot program that will make free black and white printing available on campus on a limited basis. Freenters approached Student Government earlier this academic year with an invitation to be an early adopter of this service. 

Starting March 26, you will be able to print for free in black and white from all residence hall lab computers and many Library computers if you choose. To try the service, you need to visit a designated computer and select to print using the Freenters Driver option. Much like the free version of a paid app, the free printing program inserts a separate advertisement page after every 4 pages of your printed documents. ThunderCloud Printing will continue to be available, and you can make this selection at any time as usual. 

The pilot will run through the end of the semester. After this, Student Government and AIT will collaborate to see if it makes sense to extend the service on campus. 

If you have any questions about the pilot for free printing, contact the Freenters at

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