Reaching the Campus with Departmental Announcements

Posted March 12, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Reaching the Campus with Departmental Announcements

You have an event coming up or an announcement you want to spread to the campus. What do you do? Where do you start? How can you best reach the campus community?

Below are the different technology resources to help effectively communicate your departmental announcements.

Digital Signage 

Digital signs located across campus carry announcements from College departments and student organizations for events or programs open to the campus community and visiting public or to the undergraduate student body.

Digital signage announcements consist of graphic slide images or silent video animations up to ten seconds in duration, with a word count limit of 35, which display on digital signs in public spaces and in some departmental offices. 

To learn more about uploading digital signage announcements, visit this page on our website. 

Bi-Weekly Campus Announcements Email

Wheaton Announcements are consolidated announcements sent from to all students, faculty, and staff every Tuesday and Friday during the school year.

To learn more about submitting campus announcements, visit this page on our website.

Wheaton Portal Announcements

Announcements and events appear in the Announcements and Happening on Campus sections of the Wheaton Portal. These announcements and events are accessible to all students, faculty, and staff on campus. The Happening of Campus section is controlled directly from 25Live, whereas the announcements are submitted separated via the AIT website.

To learn more about posting announcements in the Wheaton Portal, visit this page on our website. 

Targeted Emails Using LISTSERV lists

Wheaton College uses LISTSERV to send messages from departments and other groups. This allows you to send email messages to targeted groups who have subscribed to your list. 

To learn more about LISTSERV, visit this page on our website. 

Wheaton Record Ad 

Whether you are looking to publicize for a special event, promotion, or hire Wheaton College students or graduates, taking advantage of The Wheaton Record’s 3,000+ readership will help you reach the campus community.

To learn more about advertising in the Wheaton Record, visit the Record’s page on the Wheaton website.