The Ellucian Banner logo, an academic building with gears above it Banner is an Education Resource Planning (ERP) software. Wheaton College uses Banner to manage its Finance, Human Resources and Student processes.

Banner is a service provided by Ellucian to higher education institutions. Any staff member with a Wheaton domain name has the ability to create a Banner account. Banner support can be found on the HUB. The HUB has two primary content areas: the support center and the eCommunities.

The support center provides multiple functions, but the most helpful resource is the documentation library. Here you will find all of the documentation that Ellucian provides for the full product suite (you will only have access to content associated with the products you own). Document types are users guides, installation documentation, etc. There are tutorials on how to navigate this content on the home page of the support center.

eCommunities is where you can connect with and follow content that is specific to your interests. It's a great place to go and ask questions as well when you get stuck on certain activities as well. Again on the home page you will find some recordings on how to set up the environment to provide value.

Helpful Resources

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