Outlook Calendaring Policy - Faculty FAQ

Tags: Training | Updates

Since the initial announcement of the Campus Calendaring and Communication Policy, faculty members have asked a number of questions about the reasons for and impact of this policy. Read More

Doubling Our Bandwidth: Internet2 Comes to Wheaton College

Tags: Upgrades | Maintenance | Network

From 10 PM on January 3 until 1 AM on January 4, we will connect the campus network to Illinois Century Network as well as Internet2. Around 10 PM, there will be a brief network outage. This outage is expected to last for less than 30 minutes. Read More

LISTSERV: Improving Email Notifications

Tags: Upgrades

In January 2017, LISTSERV will come to Wheaton College. LISTSERV is a mailing list service that will replace the current system of email notifications. LISTSERV is being launched as part of the new Internal Digital Notification Policy. Read More

Technology Plan Refreshed for 2017 - 2019

Tags: Updates

This fall, the Office of the Chief Information Officer worked with technology governance committees and Academic and Institutional Technology to refresh the Wheaton College Technology Plan. Read More

New Tech for Christmas?

Tags: Network | Security

While unwrapping a new gadget is great, remember these tips to get the most out of your device and your Wheaton experience! Read More

Changes to Voicemail Settings

Tags: VOIP Phones

Beginning on January 31, 2017, we will make two changes to voicemail accounts. These changes will prevent inboxes from overfilling and allow important messages to be archived more easily. Read More

Conference Now to Replace Meet-Me

Tags: Upgrades | VOIP Phones

Beginning January 3, 2017, Conference Now will replace Meet-Me as the College's conference calling service. Both Meet-Me and Conference Now are currently available while Meet-Me is phased out. Read More

New Web Interface for ThunderCloud Storage

Tags: Upgrades | ThunderCloud Services

On December 1, you will have the option of using an updated web interface for ThunderCloud Storage, powered by Box. This updated interface provides tools for managing clutter and faster upload times. Read More

Changes in Connections to Banner Database

Tags: Maintenance

On November 20, we will update how several programs associated with Banner connect to the database. This is in preparation for a Banner upgrade that will take place over Thanksgiving break. Read More