LISTSERV: Improving Email Notifications

Posted December 15, 2016 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: Upgrades

LISTSERV: Improving Email Notifications

In January 2017, LISTSERV will come to Wheaton College. LISTSERV is a mailing list service that will replace the current system of email notifications. LISTSERV is being launched as part of the new Internal Digital Notification Policy.

LISTSERV improves on the old notification system in many ways. One of the key features is the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from nonessential lists or subscribe to lists for campus groups that interest them. This will also allow students, faculty, and staff to request mailing lists that allow for easier communication, collaboration, and information distribution.

Another component of this service is LISTSERV Maestro, which allows departments or groups to send formatted newsletter-style emails to subscribers. This will help generate interest for groups that want to send subscribers or club members regular updates about group activity.

Keep an eye out for future emails about LISTSERV to learn more.

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