Technology Plan Refreshed for 2017 - 2019

Posted December 13, 2016 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Technology Plan Refreshed for 2017 - 2019

This fall, the Office of the Chief Information Officer worked with  technology governance committees and Academic and Institutional Technology to refresh the  Wheaton College Technology Plan. The document provides a three-year plan for technology at Wheaton, outlining priorities and key areas for development.

“It’s a roadmap for where we want to be headed,” said Chief Information Officer Wendy Woodward. “We want to guide Wheaton’s technical development in a constructive and advantageous ways. In order for that to happen, we have to be deliberate about how we develop our resources and make investments.”

Current priorities include increased technology flexibility in classrooms, fortifying data security, improving the current password and access systems, and making specialized programs easier to access. The document, which includes a complete list of priorities, is posted publicly Technology Plan.

The plan will be reevaluated and adjusted annually. “The world of technology changes so rapidly that this has to be a rolling plan in order to be effective,” said Woodward. “No matter what, we want to serve the needs of the present with an eye towards the future.”