Recommended Video Courses for Faculty and Staff

Tags: Training | ThunderCloud Services

This edition, we're recommending "Introducing the Calendar." This course section focuses on the fundamental skills you need to maintain an accurate and helpful calendar in Outlook, Wheaton's official tool for email and calendaring. Read More

Recommended Video Courses for Students

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Do you need a refresher on the skills you learned in your research classes or an introduction to basic researching skill? We recommend "Information Literacy," a course focusing on the skills needed to find and use accurate and relevant information. Read More

Updates to Windows 7 Computers

Tags: Updates

On November 2, routine updates to College-owned Windows 7 computers will require you to press CTRL+ALT+DEL in order to log on to your computer. Read More

Campus-Wide Printer Survey October 25 - 28

Tags: Maintenance | Printing

From October 25 to 28, there will be a survey of all College-owned printers. This survey will help catalogue and map campus printers in order to provide a cost-saving and efficiency analysis to Purchasing and AIT. Read More

ThunderCloud Printing Driver Update

Tags: ThunderCloud Services | Printing

On October 18, we adjusted the virtual print driver for ThunderCloud Printing. This change will allow Konica printers to accept and print documents submitted using ThunderCloud Printing. Read More

Classroom Firmware

Tags: Classroom Technology | Upgrades

From October 17 through 19, we will update the firmware for the media controller in about 20 classrooms across campus. This update will reduce the number of audio issues in these classrooms. Read More

ThunderCloud Storage Security Updates

Tags: Updates | ThunderCloud Services | Security

At 6 PM on October 17, we will update the security certificates for ThunderCloud Storage, powered by Box. During this update, you will not be able to sign in to ThunderCloud Storage. Read More

After Hours

Tags: Updates

This October, Academic and Institutional Technology will make changes to our after-hours support in order to better serve the needs of the College community and use resources more efficiently. Read More

StarRez Update

Tags: Updates | Maintenance

We will perform a minor update to StarRez, the online housing request system, from 6 PM on October 10 to 12 AM on October 11. During this update, you may not be able to access StarRez. Read More